2021 Grand Prix

I was promptly met with construction cones when riding my bike across the Belle Isle bridge last Friday. I was instantly hit with a wave of disappointment, thinking that park rangers were about to close the entrance to Belle Isle due to overcrowding. However, to my surprise, and excitement, the cones were signifying something new this weekend.

Construction of the 2021 Grand Prix has begun. Cones and workers would soon be replaced by pit crews, racecars and spectators. The thought instantly put a smile on my face.

It has been over a year since I have attended an in-person event of this magnitude.

Having taken a year off due to the pandemic, the 2021 Grand Prix will not only be welcoming back drivers and their crews, but also welcoming back fans at full capacity. Event organizers have announced there will still be covid protocols in place.

Those protocols include canceling fan events and activities such as live music (and something else). However, there will also be new features at the event including updated general admission viewing areas and displays from Chevrolet, Cadillac, Firestone and more.

I am excited to be attending the event and I am hopeful it will bring myself and others a little taste of normalcy. To get tickets, visit https://detroitgp.com/tickets/.


Anna Robb is a photographer and content creator for Rock Ventures and Opportunity Detroit. Check out Anna Robb on Instagram at @AnnaRobbxo. 

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