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4 Women-Owned Businesses in Detroit

Women-owned businesses are far more common than they used to be, especially in Detroit, which has seen a spike in businesses owned by women in recent years. These women are in everything from the fashion and beauty industry to the restaurant business, and the support for them and their businesses is endless.

Here are four of my favorite women-owned businesses in Detroit with not only a phenomenal clientele, but great customer service as well!

The Lip Bar

The Lip Bar was founded in 2012 by Melissa Butler. She was inspired to create this lip line because she was frustrated with all of the harmful chemicals used in most cosmetics. Butler also felt as if there were only a few colors being used in the industry, so she wanted to create lipsticks that made women feel bold and beautiful.

The lipsticks and glosses are made with all-natural ingredients, like shea butter, avocado oil, coconut oil and vitamin E, that also ensure moisture. If you are ever looking to purchase these bold lip colors, then you won’t have a problem finding them – they are now available in more than 450 Target stores across the country! Check out The Lip Bar on Instagram for more tips and tricks on how to style your lipsticks.

Detroit Vegan Soul

Detroit Vegan Soul was founded by Kirsten Ussery-Boyd and Erika Boyd. They had a history of diet-related issues in both of their families and wanted to choose a healthier lifestyle. So, they opened Detroit Vegan Soul, and their mission was to make healthy food that everyone could enjoy without worrying about what they were putting into their bodies.

At Detroit Vegan Soul, the food is plant based and isn’t prepared with preservatives, sugars, dairy, eggs and several other ingredients. If you are ever looking for a healthy, hearty soul food meal, don’t hesitate to try Detroit Vegan Soul, located at 8029 Agnes St., Detroit, MI 48214.

Femology Detroit

Femology is a co-working space specifically designed for women, giving them the opportunity to work on their businesses and side hustles.

Femology was founded by Detroit native Meagan Ward when she realized that women needed a supportive space to not only work, but to collaborate with other like-minded women. If you are ever in need of a quiet, creative space to work, then Femology is your spot, located at 553 E. Jefferson Ave., Detroit, MI 48226.

For more information on the events that it hosts and how you can sign up for a membership, keep up with Femology on Instagram.

Detroit Blows

Katy Cockrel and Nia Batts are the owners of Detroit Blows, a blow dry bar that offers blowouts, makeup and waxing. They opened the blow dry bar in 2017 when they realized there were no blowout salons in the greater Detroit area and wanted to build a salon that was convenient and inexpensive for women.

If you are ever looking for a hair salon, check out Detroit Blows at 1232 Library St., Detroit, MI 48226. Be sure to follow Detroit Blows on Instagram to see how clients are styled, and don’t forget to book an appointment if you see a look that catches your eye.

What are your favorite women-owned businesses in Detroit? Let us know in the comments below!

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