7 Awesome Volunteer Opportunities Around Detroit

Volunteerism is so important to the reinvention and growth of Detroit! Your time, talent and muscle is much needed by dozens of nonprofit organizations in the area. Don’t have time? If you’re willing to donate an hour of time (the same amount of time it takes to watch one episode of Scandal) this month, then consider volunteering with one of these seven organizations.

Spend Time with Children in the Hospital

The Detroit Medical Center Children’s Hospital of Michigan is looking for volunteers to help brighten their young patients’ days. Under the supervision of hospital nurses, volunteers spend time visiting with the patient and their family during their stay. Volunteers make a positive impact on children and their parents. Volunteers spend quality time rocking or feeding babies, reading to children, providing short hospital tours or leading art activities.

As a volunteer, you can provide emotional support, encouragement and a smile to families that may be going through a challenging time. Questions? You can reach out to DMC Children’s Hospital at (313) 745-5326.

Throw a Cleanup Block Party

Urban Development Corporation is a nonprofit on Detroit’s Northeast side dedicated to eliminating blight around the city. The organization is looking for volunteers to help clean up, beautify and revitalize urban communities so that they are safe for children and families. By organizing a group of friends and family for a block party, you’ll be assigned to clean up an alley or neighborhood block by collecting trash, sweeping, performing yard work and more.

Urban Development Corporation provides the cleanup tools and groups are encouraged to bring food and music to enjoy while they work. The organization can answer group-specific questions at (313) 963-4968.

Provide Emergency Assistance

The Michigan Regional Chapter of the American Red Cross helps those in need after disasters and helps entire communities recover by providing much-needed resources. Volunteers are needed to serve as caseworkers and office helpers as Red Cross provides a host of services for community preparedness, disaster response and family recovery.

Building a bigger network of volunteers is a part of building a stronger city and state! If you have additional questions after visiting the website, call (800) 774-6066.

Spend Time Helping Elderly Detroiters

There is a significant need for people to serve as helpers for the elderly in Detroit. As many elderly residents face physical limitations or can no longer do errands for themselves, they often rely on assistance from volunteers. This could include picking up prescriptions, taking them to medical appointments, shopping for them, helping clean their home, reading to them or simply spending time with them.

There are many valuable ways to volunteer time to elderly people in your community. You can reach Elder Helpers at (734) 330-2734.

Become a Zoo Volunteer

Did you know that you can become a volunteer at the Detroit Zoo? Whether you become a zoo ambassador, a tour guide, or an education center assistant, there are many fun and adventurous opportunities at Southeast Michigan’s beloved animal habitat. The zoo provides intensive training sessions for those interested.

Volunteers also are needed for special events and educational programs at the zoo. To learn even more, call (248) 541-5717.

Serve as an English Tutor

The Siena Literacy Center is looking for volunteers to serve as English tutors across Southeast Michigan. The center provides basic education programs to adult students in language, reading, math, computer skills and more. Since the 1990s, more than 2,000 people have benefited from the center’s learning programs. As a volunteer, you will work with a variety of students including those who left high school before graduation, newcomers to the U.S. or people who want to improve their job skills.

Volunteers must make an eight-month commitment to the program and complete a 13-hour training class. Volunteers typically spend three hours a week for preparation and with students. The Siena Literacy Center can be reached at (313) 532-8404.

Become a Climate Change Ambassador

Are you passionate about the environment and climate change? If so, consider volunteering as a climate change ambassador for Nature Abounds. The nonprofit promotes environmental stewardship, conservation and preservation in the Midwest. Ambassadors are needed to distribute information about climate change at events or through email campaigns. They also send communications to community leaders and local media.

Training will be provided for volunteers, and you can learn more on their website or by calling (814) 765-1453. If you want to take part in other Detroit area volunteer opportunities, share it below.

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