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7 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

On April 22, we celebrate Earth Day, and since it’s the only Earth we’ll get, why not take care of it? Earth Day began in 1970 as a way to promote and bring awareness to what we can all do to maintain a healthy environment. More than 193 countries now celebrate Earth Day thanks to the Earth Day Network. Each year, the Earth Day Network focuses on a specific aspect of the environment and this year, the theme is about ending plastic pollution.

From clean-ups to recycling, cities around Detroit are getting involved to acknowledge the environment. Locally, Detroit is honoring Earth Day in a number of ways – even the Detroit Tigers want to “hit home” the importance of celebrating – during their game on April 22 against the Kansas City Royals, the Tigers will provide green Earth Day t-shirts with some ticket packages.

The Belle Isle Nature Center is also getting in on the action, on April 21, with its second annual Green Day hosted by the Detroit Zoo. The Belle Isle Nature Center (176 Lakeside Drive), will have events for the entire family as well as education on how to take an active role in saving the environment. What makes this event even better is that it’s FREE!

Although cities are hosting events, if you are looking for ways to acknowledge Earth Day on a smaller scale, here are seven ways to celebrate Earth Day on your own:

  1. Composting: The Outdoor Adventure Center (1801 Atwater Street), is hosting Earth Day Composting 101. This event, held on April 22, will teach kids about science through hands-on activities. They will be able to break down decomposing materials and turn them into soil. They will even be able to take home a sample of the soil they made!
  2. Plant a tree: The Greening of Detroit (13000 W. McNichols Rd) is always accepting volunteers to plant trees throughout the city of Detroit. You can also donate to their fund to help them purchase new trees to be planted.
  3. Go vegan for a day: What better way to love the Earth than to eat straight from it? If you or a friend have a garden, try eating only things from that garden. You can also purchase produce from a local farmer’s market.
  4. Don’t drive, ride your bike: Your body and the Earth will thank you. Cars are a known pollutant to the environment. If possible, carpooling is another option to reduce gas emissions to the atmosphere.
  5. Drop the plastics and buy reusable bags: Plastics, from bottles to bags and plastic rings, are known to do a lot of damage to the environment. By purchasing reusable bags, you could greatly reduce the use of plastic bags.
  6. Recycle, recycle, and recycle: Stop! Don’t throw it away. Can it be recycled or reused? Find your local recycling center and recycle your old newspapers, plastics, Styrofoam and even your old electronics. By recycling these waste products, you can reduce the amount of trash found at landfills.
  7. Go outside and enjoy the fresh air: Earth Day is about conserving the environment, but you should also enjoy what the environment has to offer. You can go outside and take a breath of fresh air, take a walk, and admire nature at any of Detroit’s neighborhood parks. Another great place to visit is the Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory on Belle Isle, where you can see botany at its best.

However you choose to celebrate Earth Day, remember to do your part in keeping the environment in tiptop shape for generations to come. Happy Earth Day!

What Earth-friendly habit will you be taking up this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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