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Actress Vivica A. Fox ‘Sees Progress’ While Filming in Detroit

Actress, model and entrepreneur, Vivica A. Fox, recently wrapped up her latest projects, two made for TV movies, “Royal Family Thanksgiving” and “Royal Family Christmas,” filmed right here in Detroit. Fox and her crew spent more than a month in the Motor City. We had the chance to speak with the star about the films – and her time in Detroit.

The “Royal” holiday movies are a TV One production featuring an ensemble cast led by Fox, Romeo Miller and Debbi Morgan. Both films follow a middle class family as family members navigate the ups and downs of relationships strained by the holiday season. Richard Lawson, Tichina Arnold and Ricky Harris co-star in the films.

Actress Vivica A. Fox ‘Sees Progress’ While Filming in Detroit - Opportunity DetroitPayne: Just last week, you were in Detroit filming. Tell us what these two movies are about.

Fox: It’s good family entertainment, comedy and a lot of drama (laughs) — quality films! I portray “Mona,” boujie (high class or ‘stuck up’) sister to “Alfreda” (Debbi Morgan).

The characters, from the kids to the parents, are those that everyone can relate to. It’s a great cast.

Both movies were filmed solely in Detroit. We were filming 6 days a week, 12 hour days for 6 weeks. I was there for a month, but others were there for 6 weeks. We were together all the time, we became a family.

Payne: What was your experience like filming in Detroit?

Fox: This wasn’t my first experience in Detroit. We also filmed “Golden Shoes” here, and there will be a red carpet premiere for it on September 25th in Detroit. I’ve also done plays and other projects in the city.

This time around, compared to a couple years ago when I was here last, with complete happiness, I saw progress – and a whole lot of construction going on. A lot of people complain about the construction, but to me, it means there’s a lot going on, a lot happening – people are working. That’s positive!

Payne: Did you have an opportunity to visit any cool places while you were here?  If so, where did you go?

Fox: Oh yeah, we were out and about. We went to the movies, Somerset Mall, we also ate at the new Townhouse restaurant downtown. We had a great time!

Payne: Getting off subject a bit, I hear you have a fabulous hair collection. What inspired you to start a hair line?

Actress Vivica A. Fox ‘Sees Progress’ While Filming in Detroit - Opportunity DetroitFox: As much money as I’ve spent on wigs and weaves, I thought, let me get my piece of the pie (laughs).

My business partner Lita Richardson, approached me regarding taking over Beverly Johnson’s line and I jumped at the opportunity – now called the “Vivica A. Fox Hair Collection.”

The collection is cutting edge, with colors. I’m glad that girls aren’t afraid to wear hair weaves — instead of killing your own hair with chemicals.

The collection keeps growing and getting bigger and better. It’s affordable for the everyday woman to the “rock star.”

Payne: You’re always doing something fabulous and exciting! What’s next on the horizon for Ms. Fox?

Fox: Well I try to stay busy (laughs). I just finished filming Independence Day: Resurgence (sequel to Independence Day). It’s slated to be out June 29, 2016.

My new lingerie line launches in November for Curvy Couture, supporting curvy girls. You’ll be able to get that at, so stay tuned!

To learn more about Vivica’s hair collection, go to You can also follow her on Twitter at @MsVivicaFox and Instagram at @msvfox.

The “Royal Family Thanksgiving” will be released in November 2015 and the “Royal Family Christmas” will be released in December 2015. Both will be released on TV One.

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