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Celebrate Cass Corridor at the 41st Dally in the Alley

Have you ever wondered what you can create just by walking by an alley? Well, the North Cass Community Union (NCCU) has taken the initiative in creating a street fair in the alley between Forest and Hancock in Detroit’s midtown area. NCCU figured since alleys are not really used for anything but space, why not throw a FREE party once a year for all of Detroit to come and enjoy? The Cass Corridor area becomes alley by day and party by night, consisting of music, food and art.

This will be the 41st Annual Dally in the Alley event. One thing that will be for certain is there will definitely be beer. Last year there was a beer garden and because of its huge success, they have decided to bring more! There will be two beer gardens, beer tents, and also the Alley beer garages; that’s definitely a lot more beer than one can imagine. Don’t drink beer? There will be wine and Faygo pop and water for non-alcoholic choices. Along with the drinks, there will also be different food vendors. This year we get to choose between a few well-known restaurants such as, Union Street, Detroit Shrimp and Fish, Yum Village, Majestic Café, and more! We can always count on any festival in Detroit to have amazing musical performances featuring creative, talented, and passionate artists. To make this event even more awesome, 33 bands will perform on three stages, so there will always be entertainment during the 12-hour bash!

Detroit is great for having such a diverse environment and bringing every culture there is to life. We even enjoy bringing children along to witness such great events. This year Dally in the Alley will be expanding the Kid’s Fair so they are also able to laugh and run around with family and friends. Though the NCCU has created Dally in the Alley for a chance to let loose and engage in social settings, they make sure they use the funds earned for things such as keeping other alleys in Detroit clean and safe, even in the winter time!

If you would like to learn more about Dally in the Alley, you can visit them on Facebook or their website at DallyintheAlley.com. This unique and phenomenal event will take place Saturday, September 8, 2018 from 11:00 a.m.—11:00 p.m.

Come on and Dally in the Alley with us and do not forget to use the hashtag #Dally2018.

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