Combat to Corporate

When thinking back to the five seasons at the Rock Family of Companies

and multiple roles and responsibilities, one word remains apparent: opportunity. We, as FOC team members, can literally do anything at this company if you put action behind purpose. As a veteran, I am thankful for the opportunities that the Rock FOC has provided for me.

The FOC has 20 interesting sayings, called ISMs, that help guide team members along the way and they are similar to our Army Values. These ISMs are the life force to being a team member, just as our creeds, mottos, and mantras are in the Army.

Another resource provided by the FOC is the veteran resource network group that has grown the past four years. We love our friendly banter with each other, it is a constant reminder that we are not alone (Go Army!). There is nothing wrong with a little smack talk amongst sisters and brothers. Speaking from my personal experience, I had a rough time transitioning from the Army. I quickly learned that while losing my small family I was gaining a much larger family, Veterans. It is amazing learning and growing from other veterans of all branches.

The FOC does more for service members than they will ever take credit for. If you were not aware- veterans, retirees and active-duty service members have access to Rocket Mortgage’s VIP program to show our gratitude and support for their sacrifice. The program offers discounts on closing costs and the best interest rates possible. If you have family that have served share this with them if they are currently in the market:

If you are looking to learn and grow and to live, work, and play in an amazing atmosphere, the Rock FOC is the place to be. I have said this on many occasions in both occupations, “I love my career.”

Apache 47 out.


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