Craft Work


Nestled in the heart of Detroit’s West Village, Craft Work has help act as a springboard to an up and coming neighborhood between Belle Isle and Indian Village. Started by Hubert Yaro, co-owner of both Ronin Sushi and Commonwealth Cafe, Craft Work’s gorgeous interior offers a warm, cozy feel while enticing the clientele with a twist of modern architecture.

Located in the ground floor of the Parkstone Apartments, one half of Craft Work is the bar/social area, while the other half acts as a proper restaurant. Since its opening in early January, Craft Work has continued to grow its menu by leaps and bounds, constantly testing their food and ever-growing drink menu. But when it comes to the food menu, the talking point lately has been Craft Work’s brunch.


Since its inception in March, Craftwork’s brunch has seen a recent uptick, thanks in part to nice weather, but also because of its location. With no real restaurants in the general area, Craftwork caters to the Indian Village/West Village crowd that has been yearning for a proper restaurant since the Harlequin Café (Craft Work’s home) closed in 2004. This combination of a beautifully constructed restaurant, a lavish menu and one of Detroit’s most heralded neighborhoods, Craft Work is the perfect spot for a first date, brunch with the family or dinner with team members.

While street parking may seem like the appropriate course of action, there is plenty of parking in the back behind the Parkstone Apartments. Craft Work is located at 8047 Agnes Street in the Historic West Village.  For more information please visit

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