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Cupid’s Undie Run Detroit: The Best Day of My 2014 So Far

When I heard about the first annual Cupid’s Undie Run last year, I remember thinking, “Are these people nuts? Why in the world would anyone run outside, in their underwear, during winter?!”

I did some research and found out that the run not only takes place in major cities across the country, but it also raises a significant amount  of money for the Children’s Tumor Foundation, a cause that I feel strongly about since volunteering for The Rainbow Connection, a Michigan-based foundation that grants wishes for terminally-ill children.

A couple of months before the race, I was asked to participate in the promotional photo shoot for the run. I ended up having an awesome time and one of my photos was even chosen to be on a poster that was hung all around metro Detroit! After that, how could I NOT sign up for the run?

The sign-up process was easy as pie. There were different fundraising tiers that earned you different prizes. $50 won you a pair of Cupid’s Run undies, $200 granted you VIP status and open bar privileges, and $500 got you a custom red robe. Quicken Loans employees who raised $500 also had their fundraising amount matched by Dan Gilbert!

I knew that the Cupid’s Undie Run registrations sold out, but I had no idea exactly what over 1,000 scantily clad runners would look like all standing in one place. Immediately upon walking into The Fillmore, I could feel the energy. I’d say it was the perfect reason to leave all pants and insecurities at the door.

Mojo in the Morning and Channel 95.5 staff members were broadcasting live from the first balcony and throwing down pairs of girls panties, asking passersby to hold them up for photos. Beyond that, the foyer and bar were abuzz with participants taking photos, meeting up with friends and enjoying a wide variety of snacks. And finally, the main floor was filled with hundreds of people dancing like maniacs to top-40 hits while watching magnificent performers from Detroit Flyhouse.

With a high of only 23 degrees, organizers discussed the possibility of canceling the actual running part of the event. But when 2:00 p.m. hit, everyone was ready and rearing to go. Steadily, the sea of people exited the front doors. The runners were jumping up and down, chanting and cheering. The excitement was exhilarating. The mile went quickly, and then it was straight back to the party.

Shortly thereafter, they announced how much money was raised: There was over $200,000 in donations, and all of it went straight to the Children’s Tumor Foundation! I felt so proud to be a part of that.

As I wandered around and mingled with fellow team members from Quicken Loans, friends and newfound acquaintances, I was taken aback by just how truly amazing the day had been. It was honestly one of the most fun-filled days I’ve had in a long time. I intend to participate in the event for years and years to come.


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