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“De La Tierra” – One Night Only

With the polar vortex a now-distant memory and Detroit’s gallery season in full swing, the “much-needed” summer is truly here. Kicking off the summer art season will be “De La Tierra,” a candlelit opening in Detroit’s Eastern Market.

This collaborative art show is the inaugural effort of local artists Salam Rida and Allison Vince and will feature the works of 18 Detroit artists. The requirement for the show is one collaborative piece and a minimum of one personal piece from each artist, for a total of three pieces from each couple.

“De La Tierra,” which in Spanish means “from the earth,” will attempt to get two people to organically create a single piece based on their symbiotic relationship, juxtaposing their own personas with the collaborative element. More importantly, the goal of this event is to help reexamine many of Detroit’s unused spaces.

The artists for this first installment are as follows:

Allison Vince and Salam Rida

Saginaw and Julian Spradlin

Ash Nowak and Jon Dones

Jess Hicks and Daisuke Hughes

Ben Wolf and Vanessa Cronan

Michael Eugene Burdick and James Noellert

Robb DiMaria and Ellen Rutt

Amber Locke and Patrick Quinn

Amanda Itria and Gregory Ducharme

“De La Tierra” will be free and open to the public for one night only on Saturday, June 21 from 7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.  The show will be located at 1550 Winder in Detroit’s Eastern Market (across the street from the Red Bull House of Art). For more information, please visit the group’s Facebook page.

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