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Detroit Band, The Normandies, Debut EP Saturday Night

Detroit-based alternative-folk band, The Normandies will release their much-anticipated EP, “The Shoreline” this Saturday at Great Lakes Coffee in Detroit at 7 p.m. Singer/songwriter Greater Alexander will also perform as a special guest.  Tickets are $5 at the door.

The Normandies formed in late 2010. Led by talented writer and vocalist Kaylan Waterman, the band started meeting in her home. Today, five musicians complete the group but, in the early stages, eight people filled out the band.

“We’d all meet in my parents’ living room and just write parts and jam. Just really taking time to find our sound,” Waterman said.

Band member Ryan Maike said, “I think being there with the wood floors and the homey vibe really influenced our sound.”

Once they had a sound, it was time to find a name.

After coming up with a handful of names and tossing them out, the group finally settled on The Normandies.

“We’re all very strong people; we wanted something that reflected that. The soldiers who fought on D-Day stormed the beach, knowing some of them wouldn’t come back. It’s this reckless abandon – that’s how we want to live,” Waterman said. “Not knowing what will happen, but pursuing this with all we have.”

After further research, the group found out that Normandy literally translates to “man of the north.” It’s a name they wear with pride; representing their home state of Michigan.

With a sound and a name, the group started playing local coffee shops and venues.

It was important to the group to make it here in the Detroit area.

“A lot of people move away to make it in the music industry. We made the conscious decision to do it here. I think it can happen here. It’s possible, and we want to see that,” Waterman said.

So beat the winter chill this Saturday night, and head out to Great Lakes Coffee for some lively, melodic tunes with Detroit’s favorite alt-folk group: The Normandies!

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