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Detroit City FC History


When Sean Mann and four friends dreamed up a plan to bring a minor league soccer team to Detroit, they weren’t sure what sort of support to expect. “We knew there were soccer enthusiasts in the Detroit area, but we had no idea what kind of crowd we could draw, or how into it they would be,” said Mann. “At the very first game, supporters showed up with flags and banners they’d made and chants they’d written for the game. They just went crazy. I think we knew we were on to something.” Now entering their third year, and coming off of a 2013 undefeated regular season, the Detroit City Football Club (DCFC) has a loyal fan base that regularly fills the 3,000-seat home field and the charter buses that follow the team on road trips to away games. Team supporters have made their own tribute videos, tattooed themselves with the team’s logo and even hosted a wedding during halftime. National soccer publications and international fans follow the team. “The support has been beyond our wildest imagination. It’s obvious there is a huge appetite for this kind of sporting event in Detroit. And people around the world are responding to this unique opportunity to participate in a real soccer experience on a grassroots level.”

DCFC - Starters point to fans

Enjoying Game Day

If you want to be a part of the DCFC action, start your game day at Harry’s, a bar and restaurant near the stadium. Diehard supporters and friends gather on the roof deck before the game to play their drums, practice chants and have a pint or two of CITY, the team’s official beer. Don’t worry if you don’t know any of the chants or dances yet – new fans are free to watch and the supporters are quick to welcome you and share a song sheet. From there, the crowd lines up to march through Cass Park and into the stadium for another round or two of chants. Once inside, the loudest of the fans head to the far set of bleachers where they will stand, sing, scream and dance for the entire 90-minute game. If you would rather watch the action than be a part of it, feel free to grab a spot on the other side and watch the madness unfold. When the whistle blows, if you haven’t had enough, be sure to head to the after party, where fans and players meet for post-game celebrations. If the team’s past success on and off the field is any indication, there is sure to be much more to celebrate this season!

Upcoming Season

DCFC kicks off its regular season Saturday, May 10, at 1:00 p.m. with a home opener against the Cincinnati Saints. Check out their website for season, single-game, and group ticket sales.


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