Detroit Doers: Farming Detroit’s Land

Detroit Doers is an email campaign launched in partnership with Deadline Detroit that showcases profiles of people who are doing new and interesting things in the city and samples of their work. 


Name: Noah Link

Age: 28

Occupation: Owner & Manager, Food Field

Works in: The Field

Lives in: Boston-Edison, Detroit


What he’s done: Noah runs one of Detroit’s largest urban farms, Food Field, which he started in 2011 with partner Alex Bryan.
Noah works on four acres near the Boston-Edison neighborhood, growing fresh vegetables and fruit, eggs, honey, fish and other sustainable foods. Food Field produce can be found at Eastern Market and the Downtown Farmers Market, local restaurants like Supino Pizzeria, Mudgie’s Deli and the City Commons CSA coop ( He plans to expand the farm further to incorporate more animals, more abandoned land and become more active in the community this year with a farm stand and weekly cooking events.


*Featured image courtesy of Michigan Urban Farming Initiative*

Patrick Hayes


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