Detroit Is for Lovers

When it comes to leisure, what is most important to you? New experiences? Old pastimes? Detroit’s cultural landscape is over 300 years old and we have the institutions to show for it. Our city has something for everyone and even more for people with passion.

If you like sports, art, history, romance, or food, please continue reading. If not, go change your oil, you robot.

– Fanatics –

In 1936, Detroit was nationally recognized as the ‘City of Champions’ thanks to world titles clinched by our Red Wings, Lions, and Tigers— all within one year.

Today, no city in the world is built for sports like we are. Seriously. Not only is Detroit a four major league sport city, we are also the only one to have all of our teams, highly concentrated and right downtown.

Pandemics aside, Detroit is an amazing place for hometown and away team fans.

– Art Lovers –

The easy thing I could do here is just say, “Visit the Detroit Institute of Arts!” then drop the mic and walk away. While I wouldn’t be wrong, there is so much more to our art scene than the DIA and its good ole Diego Rivera frescoes.

From railway graffiti preserved in perpetuity to commissioned murals on sides of entire buildings, Detroit’s art scene isn’t limited to galleries and expositions. The city itself has in many ways become a canvas for art. Some commissioned, some “gifted,” Detroit is a place that any art lover should explore.

– Buffs –

(Cracks knuckles)

I’ll be brief. Detroit was founded in 1701 meaning it is 75 years older than the nation it’s part of. We put a speakeasy on every corner, a car in every driveway, and contributed more to the Allied powers during World War II than any other city.

We have world-class history museums within and outside our city limits, and buildings constructed by people you know just from their last name.

– Romantics –

It’s hard not to be a romantic in Detroit. Just one walk down Lower Woodward will change any Detroit doubter’s opinion.

With great places to dine and shop, Detroit is becoming an increasingly popular destination for daytrips and weekend getaways. People from all over the world want to know, “What it is going on with Detroit?” And then they get here and want to come back because it is simultaneously so authentic and so beautiful.

Think I’m joking? I dare you to walk down West Canfield without crying.

– Foodies –

“If you build it, they will come.”

This line, which irritates every real estate developer, is actually true in Detroit.

First off, Detroit is huge. Like San Francisco, Boston, Manhattan—combined, huge, yet there are good restaurants everywhere. Maybe some places, like Corktown and Midtown, have a higher concentration of good eats, but you can find great restaurants all over the city in places you’ve never heard of. Rose’s Fine Food and Wine on Jefferson? Check. Cadieux Café in East English Village. Double check.

These off-the-beaten-path restaurants are winners because they have amazing concepts.


Jeff Brown is the Business Program Manager for Opportunity Detroit. Ann Arbor raised and East Lansing educated, Jeff has lived in Detroit since 2013. Follow @motownjeffbrown for his Motor City exposés and digital shorts.

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