Detroit: Living, Working, and Playing

I fell in love with Detroit in May of 2018.

After boarding a shuttle in New Center and heading down Woodward to my office building downtown, I was starstruck by the skyscrapers and the energy I immediately felt surrounding me. It was at that moment, three years ago, that I told myself I was moving to the city.

In fact, I was so sure of it, that I had 313, the city’s area code, tattooed to my ankle two months after that. Fast forward to March 2021 and my dreams became a reality. I packed up all my belongings and moved into a 256 sq. ft. studio in the heart of downtown Detroit.

As a twenty something living in the city, it is my belief that there is no better place to be. It is truly the best place to live, work, and play.


As a recent college graduate, plagued by student loan debt, considering cost of living is very important to me. That’s what makes living in Detroit so great for me. Statistically speaking, Numbeo reports that rent in Detroit is on average 61% lower than rent in New York.

Aside from making sense financially, living in the city has boosted my quality of life in more ways than one. I now get to skip the traffic of commuting to the city every morning and have only a five-minute walk to where I work. Detroit has also made me feel more creative and inspired to chase my dreams as I am surrounded by thousands of others that are doing the same thing.


In full transparency, when I accepted my first job at a company located in Detroit, I was terrified. I had heard about the city on the news and from peers in my small hometown and most of what was being said about it wasn’t great. To my surprise, at my first day on the job, my perception was almost instantly changed. I had not even walked into my office, and I was already amazed by the people and places flooding the streets. And now, having worked in the city for over three years, it makes perfect sense.

Detroit is the perfect place for young entrepreneurs, creatives, and anyone eager to advance in their career. It’s a city where you feel people care about your success and even help you achieve it.

Things like Detroit Venture Partners, or Rocket Mortgage Detroit Demo Day literally invest money and time in upcoming businesses to help them achieve their goals and impact the city on the highest level.


No matter what you like to do for fun, I would bet Detroit has it and then some. Whether it is riding a bike down the Dequindre Cut to the Riverwalk and watching the sun set over the Ambassador bridge or the city’s vibrant food scene, there is something here for everyone.

My favorite things to do for fun? Visiting Eastern Market on Saturday mornings, spending an afternoon at Belle Isle’s hippie beach, or spending a night out in Greektown.

Moving to Detroit was the best decision I ever made… and my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.


Anna Robb is a photographer and content creator for Rock Ventures and Opportunity Detroit. Check out Anna Robb on Instagram at @AnnaRobbxo. 

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