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Are You Detroit Tough?

It comes as no surprise that the start of a new year means a newfound interest in getting in shape! And if you’re like the majority of people after January 1, you probably fall into one of three categories when it comes to getting the ball rolling:

Type one: You’re pretty motivated to work out and create a new, healthy diet plan.

Type two: You totally revamp your workout and diet regimens.

Type three: There’s no rapid change in your existing or non-existing workout and diet plan.

Sound familiar? We thought so. For types one and two, there’s good news: There’s a new option in town to help you fulfill your new year goals! It’s called Detroit Tough Gym. (Type threes are welcome, too! But, you’ve been warned – you’ll be expected to push yourself!)

This private, membership-only gym takes up 8000 square feet in Corktown, and it isn’t your typical family-friendly gym. You won’t find rows of treadmills or fluffed warm towels. You’re more likely to see mammoth truck tires, industrial metal chains and plenty of sledgehammers and punching bags. The philosophy here is simple: Detroit Tough believes in mental and physical toughness. With more than 40 classes a week, there’s always something going on at the gym.

For those who want others around them when working out, enrolling in a group class is a great way to test the waters. Similar to the rest of the gym, these classes aren’t so mainstream. Here are a few listed on their website: Corktown Barbell, Bodyweight Warrior, Detroit Tough Run Club, TRX Circuit Training, Kettlebell Konditioning, D-Tough Yoga and Bricktown Bodies.

Intimidated? You shouldn’t be. Curious? Good. We were, too. Although Detroit Tough has a unique and innovative training process, it welcomes people of all fitness levels. We’re talking those who haven’t worked out since high school track to those who are training for a triathlon.

Ready to get Detroit Tough? All you’re asked to bring are these four things: effort, commitment, community awareness and a positive attitude. For more information, check out their website! You can find Detroit Tough at 1244 Beech St. in Detroit.

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