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Detroit’s Krema Bakery Introduces Kremnuts!!

Greektown just got sweeter! A new bakery called Krema recently opened up and they’re taking pastries to a new level. Krema combined the brilliance of the croissant and the doughnut, creating a kremnut. These sugarcoated treats feature many mouthwatering flavors such as key lime, raspberry and strawberry filled with vanilla custard, Nutella (which is not only topped with the delicious hazelnut spread, but is also infused with it), crème brulee and plain with sprinkles. Be sure to bring friends – one kremnut can more than satisfy several people, even ones with a fierce sweet tooth.

Looking for something savory? Krema still has you covered. They have a variety of warm pies filled with delicious cheese flavors. Hey, I said savory, not healthy! The Village Spanakopita, containing spinach and feta, is available in either an individual size or in a tray size meant to feed up to four people. They also have bougatsa, a Greek breakfast pastry filled with semolina cream.

The beverage offerings at Krema are definitely not lacking in variety. They provide a range of hot and cold coffees to accompany their delicious kremnuts. These will hopefully counteract the sleepy side effects that come with eating sugary treats! If coffee isn’t what makes you sing, they have a variety of teas to sip on, fruit juices to freshen your palate and smoothies to energize your day.

If nothing mentioned above seems to pique your interest, perhaps the final product found at Krema will – gelato! Krema offers up to 16 different flavors of gelato to choose from every day. With warm spring and hot summer days just around the corner, this is a great way to cool off.

Krema is brought to us by the same masterminds who own Red Smoke Barbeque Restaurant and Astoria Bakery. It opened up on February 25 and can be tracked down at 531 Monroe Avenue. The Krema website is still is the works, but be sure to like their page on Facebook.

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