Detroit’s Modern Streetcar Officially Has a Name

Since construction began in 2014, several names have been swirling about for Detroit’s modern streetcar, encompassing a 6.6 mile loop from downtown Detroit through West Grand Boulevard. Today, Quicken Loans pulled back the curtain, announcing QLINE (pronounced QLINE) as the name for the new project.

Construction on the project is proceeding as planned, and QLINE is expected to begin operation early next year connecting the city in a way not seen in more than a half century.

From the Congress Street station downtown to the last station in the North End, Detroiters and visitors from surrounding communities will be able to explore the city in a fast and convenient way.

“The launch of QLINE marks a significant moment in the development of Detroit. Quicken Loans is proud to play our part in the beginning stages of modernizing the transit system in our burgeoning urban core,” says Jay Farner, president and chief marketing officer of Quicken Loans.

qline logoThe first QLINE car is scheduled to be delivered late this year, with safety testing to begin shortly thereafter.

QLINE is expected to become a catalyst for economic growth, as has been experienced by so many other communities that have implemented similar streetcar systems, including Portland, Dallas, Denver and Seattle

“Community after community has benefitted from the economic benefits of urban rail systems. Each day we are getting more excited for the launch of QLINE and all the possibilities it will open for our community and our residents,” added M-1 RAIL CEO Matt Cullen.

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  1. How many streetcar units will be traveling the Qline at any one time? What happens when the streetcar reaches the end of the line at either Grand Blvd in the north or Congress Ave in the south? How does it turn around?

    1. Hi Jim! I’m not sure how many streetcars there will be traveling at one time, but they will travel on a continuous loop. So once the street car reaches the end, it circles around to the other side.

  2. It’s awesome to see another business established in Downtown Detroit. We’re finally seeing modernization that other big cities have already gone through. The only thing I wish was added in this article are the future plans for QLine. Are they planning on expanding to other cities? Rates? Capacity of each car? I know it’s still early in development, but some questions for the future might already be answered concerning QLine.

    1. Hi Emily,

      Thanks, we’re excited too, and we’ll be sure to share that information once we receive it, stay tuned for more updates as they become available!

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