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Douglas & Co. Detroit Launches with a Preview Party at Nora

Detroit’s newest leather goods brand is launching this Saturday with a preview party at Nora in the Auburn complex in Midtown. After seeing these products, you’ll want to get an early start on your holiday shopping!

Stop by to check out Douglas and Co. Detroit, the city’s newest leather line, featuring the Executive Card Holder, Designer Clutches and Tuck & Sew bags! Handmade out of high-quality leather, these pieces will make the perfect gift or addition to your own collection.

The launch party goes from 4:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, November 22. Guests can enjoy hors d’oeuvres and wine while checking out the new line. As an extra thank you for attending and supporting this new brand, they’ll have a little gift for attendees too! Who doesn’t like free gifts?


Douglas and Co. Detroit was started by Shane and Melissa Douglas, a young couple from Detroit. The couple made it a priority to really dive into their interests, and in that process, they realized something.

“Often, when you see something beautiful, like a bag,” says Shane, “and you love it, the experience ends there. We wanted to see and experience the whole process. To be involved in it.”

Capitalizing on their interest, they took a trip to study leatherwork. When they returned to the city, they had some leather and Melissa asked Shane to make her something. So he did.


“I’m the kind of person who doesn’t really Google anything – I just figure it out as I go. So, it got to this point in the process and Melissa asked how I was going to sew the ends and make it look good. I said, ‘Oh I’ll just tuck and sew it.’”

And that’s how their first style, the Tuck & Sew bag, came to be. A happy coincidence with a beautiful outcome!

Shane does most of the production while Melissa handles the marketing.

“We’ve actually found that it’s extremely complementary,” said Shane. “Melissa is brilliant with the online portion of the business, like the website and our social sites. I have no idea about that. I don’t even have a Facebook.”

This incredibly talented, hardworking pair have created three series for the launch. Each series includes a wallet, a clutch and a bag in coordinating colors.


“Our pieces are designed to be simple and elegant, and they really come out of practicality – like the Designer Clutches. Melissa is an artist so she always has her pens and brushes on her, and she needed something to put them in. But you can really put anything in them, especially the things that roll around at the bottom of your bag or purse.”

A majority of the series will be a limited run, and will change depending on which leather and threads they feel inspired to use. Each piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, listing the series, how many of them were made, and who made your piece.

Since there are a limited number of pieces in each series, you’ll want to get yours before they’re gone! So stop in at Nora on Saturday night and check them out.

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