Eastern Market’s Flower Day Continues To Grow - Opportunity Detroit Blog

Eastern Market’s Flower Day Continues to Grow

Roses and tulips and lilies, oh my! That’s right Detroit, Eastern Market’s 48th annual Flower Day is this Sunday, May 17 from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Every shed will be open and blooming with every flower you can imagine and all sorts of greenery for this one-day event!

How did Flower Day start? Well, in the 60’s, southeastern Michigan was one of the largest producers of bedding flowers in the country! As the decade went on, Americans became obsessed with flowers, and two thirds of the states supply was shipped across the nation to meet the demand. The Metropolitan Detroit Flower Growers Association (MDFGA) formed to help keep more flowers local. In 1967, they moved into Eastern Market and 48 years later, southeastern Michigan still gathers on this one day to get the best and most sought-after blooms for their lawns and homes.

On Sunday, Eastern Market’s 15 acres will be full of the MDFGA’s most beautiful and vibrant selections. If you’re looking for annuals, perennials, herbs, shrubs, trees or succulents, these growers have it all – and they’re offering them to you at unbeatable prices.

Eastern Market’s Flower Day Continues to Grow - Opportunity Detroit Blog

While the market doesn’t technically open until 7 a.m., many of the growers are willing to sell to the early worms before then. And if you’re looking for the best selection, you’ll want to get there early. Thousands of metro Detroiters come to Eastern Market every year for Flower Day.

If you’re worrying about where to keep all of the vibrant flowers you’ll be buying, rest assured that Eastern Market has your back. They will have a parcel drop off/pick up at either end of the market so you can conveniently drop off your flat and pull up your vehicle to load them when you’re leaving.

Never been to the event and want to know what to expect? Take a look at these tips and tricks from Flower Day pros:

  • “Understand what you need before you go. There are a lot of flowers that are pretty, but may not be able to survive in your yard. So understand if you have an area that has a lot of sun or shade. Also knowing how much time you will have to garden will determine what type of flowers you will want. There is so much to choose from and it is very crowded so being prepared is always best!” – Christina El-Haddad
  • “Bring cash, as many of the vendors do not accept plastic.” – Christina Stapleton
  • “Go late, as they are packing up and going home if you want bargains. They would prefer to sell it cheap, before driving it back! Wear comfy shoes. Preferably closed toed, it can be wet from watering the plants. And if you plan on spending a lot of time there, wear sunscreen, a pink nose can appear before you realize!” – Danielle Reynolds
  • “Bring a friend to leave in the car so they can just drive around while you peruse the selections. Then, they can pull up to a designated location near-by and you can load up all of your flowers.” – Luigi Franciosi
  • “Park in the first place you find and watch out that you can’t be blocked in by another car. Bring a folding wagon and a board to lay on top of it, using it as a pallet. And if you see a good price on something, buy it. Don’t wait to come back. Some stuff sells out or you might get tired and say forget it. Most of the prices are comparable. If you do want to wait, write down where you saw it, what you saw and the price. And don’t ignore the ground covers. They get lost compared to the pretty flowers but make a huge difference in your yard.” – Jolie Behrns-Vitale

So make your list, grab some cash, and load up the wagon! We’ll see you at Eastern Market on Sunday for the 48th annual Flower Day.

For more information on the event or Eastern Market in General, check out their website.

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