How to Enjoy a Detroit Tigers Game for $100

There may be no better way to spend a sunny summer day in Detroit than at Comerica Park with major league baseball, endless eats and an atmosphere that is second to none. While taking in all of the greatness, there’s a good possibility that your wallet will be taking a nice hit. But I promise, you can make this great day happen with one crisp Benjamin Franklin. Here is the guide to a $100 Comerica Park experience.

Tickets – $30                                                                                  

There’s not a bad seat in Comerica Park. I’d advise not shelling out the big bucks for a seat behind the dugout. Take a look at the ticket websites such as StubHub or TicketMaster for the cheapest tickets out there. Don’t forget to scour Craigslist as well. Unless your goal is to have Miguel Cabrera flip you a ball after the last out of an inning, I’d go with a cheap seat in the $20 range. And don’t forget, as the innings go on, to keep your eyes peeled for vacant seats left by the impatient fan or the Dad whose son only wants to ride the ferris wheel.

Parking – $10

You have to promise me that you won’t pay any more than $10 for parking. There is a plethora of parking options surrounding the ballpark, all of which require only a minimal amount of walking. And face it – we could all benefit from a little walking, especially if our destination entails sitting and indulging for four hours. Also, always ask your family and friends who work in the wonderful city of Detroit if they have a parking spot that you can borrow for FREE!

Food/Drink – $30

If you’re over 21, just remember that 1 beer (1!) is $9. Outside of the stadium, you can purchase a 6-pack of beer for less than $9. And no, you can’t bring that into the stadium, though there are a few food items you are allowed to bring with you inside of Comerica Park. Factory-sealed clear bottles of water and individual portions of food, like sunflower seeds or a bag of peanuts, are permitted by Comerica Park, and that’s directly from the website, so you know I’m not lying.

Remember when ballpark menus consisted of only hotdogs and peanuts? I don’t because I was born in 1991, but you can find just about anything at Comerica Park to match any of your cravings – nachos, bacon-wrapped hot dogs, sausage, street tacos and grilled Bavarian sticks (whatever those are), just to name a few options. And these items are not what we like to call “cheap,” so that’s why I suggest upping the food budget a little bit to somewhere around $50, with drinks included.

Merchandise – $30

Now this one is totally up to you. If you’re one of those people who likes to leave a game or concert with something in your hands other than a ticket and a program, then maybe cut into your food and drinks budget a little and get yourself something nice. A Tiger’s cap will cost you just about $30. You can probably walk away with a player jersey for $25. But if you like to indulge in the moment like I do, take the $30 and put it toward food and drinks, or even better, right back into your pocket!

Now of course it’s very possible to come out under-budget, so if you can, more power to you! But we go to ball games and concerts to be entertained, so enjoy yourself and GO TIGERS!

Do you have any money tips for a day at Comerica Park? Share in the comments section below!

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