Father, Entrepreneur, Detroiter.

First, and by far foremost, I love my two sons, Dennis III (Trey) and Chase. We are a very close family. I love being an entrepreneur, and I love what we have created at Central Kitchen + Bar, a community, in many instances, an extended family. The best compliment I have ever received is both Trey and Chase indicating that our French Fries are better than McDonald’s.

As a father and entrepreneur every day, 7 days a week I have many other business and civic obligations, I try to balance it all.

Honestly, not always as well as I would like.

But on this Sunday morning as I write this piece, my youngest son is next to me eating the breakfast I prepared, between a standing Sunday meeting and a Peloton class. The Detroit Grand Prix is on TV (I love Formula One and Indy Car racing), and at the commercial breaks we flip to the men’s finals of the French Open (which went 5 sets). My oldest is still asleep, but will emerge full of conversation, from Migos’ new album and political opinions from Middle East policy to domestic law enforcement inequities. Today, at this moment, I feel balanced, surrounded by my boys, watching Chase move towards the edge of his seat at championship point and awaiting Trey coming down the steps, with his signature smile and teenage hunger for breakfast. Not rushing from meeting to meeting, not pressed for time.

Fortunately, the love and balance extend to Central. My boys have their favorite dishes, whether “to go” or seated. Trey, the Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich and Chase, the Central Burger.

Central has been the recipient of a myriad of awards and compliments, among the top new restaurants from the Free Press, multiple design awards for its interior design, numerous news stories regarding our food, countless customer comments about the delicious nature of our menu, the welcoming atmosphere of the “joint” and the hospitable and warm nature of our staff.

As we emerge from a very weird, stressful and challenging time, find your balance, cherish the small moments with the ones you love and by all means, visit Central for a large plate of fries.  Happy Father’s Day.


Dennis W. Archer Jr., Esq. is the CEO of Ignition Media Group, and president and founding partner of Archer Corporate Services (ACS). Archer’s hospitality holding company, Congress Hospitality, is creator and managing  partner of Central Kitchen + Bar, named by The Detroit Free Press as one of Detroit’s top restaurants of the year, within a year  of opening.

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