Filson’s Provides High-End Outdoor Gear In Midtown - Opportunity Detroit Blog

Filson’s Provides High-End Outdoor Gear in Midtown

Check out the newest addition to Midtown: Filson’s, an all-American outdoor-apparel store, boasts high-quality products, guaranteed to last.

While their presence is new in Detroit, the company dates back to 1897, an era of rugged pioneers and sure-footed survivalists.

Whether you’re a rough-and-tough Paul Bunion or simply an outdoor aficionado, the Filson’s brand will provide comfort, durability, and style to a variety of interests.

We’ve got an inside look on the company history and brand, as well as an interview with an employee about their fit in the Motor City.

Diggin’ Up the Past

Filson’s Provides High-End Outdoor Gear in Midtown - Opportunity Detroit Blog

Remember learning about the Gold Rush in elementary school? Here’s a fun fact! In 1897, around the time of the Klondike Gold Rush, founder C.C. Filson opened C.C. Filson’s Pioneer Alaska Clothing and Blanket Manufacturers, producing merchandise that specialized in a variety of outdoor climates and conditions.

His specialty, however, was the frigid cold of the north. Filson would keep a close relationship with his customers, checking in to make sure his products were withstanding the weather. Manufacturing a variety of items such as wool and knit clothing, boots, moccasins and sleeping bags, Filson made sure that his merchandise was durable and dependable.

Don’t “rush” through this article! We still have more to learn.

Fast forward almost 100 year later, and Filson’s remains the same. While the merchandise has diversified, offering a wider variety of outdoors materials, Filson’s has remained consistent in quality, comfort, and protection.

The Midtown Store

Filson’s Provides High-End Outdoor Gear in Midtown - Opportunity Detroit Blog

While Filson’s recently opened up in Midtown, the store has already made a mark in the city. It fits in perfectly with the downtown aesthetic using exposed brick and reclaimed wood in their building and decor for a perfect industrial look. The Filson’s sign echoes a simpler time, giving off a vintage vibe. Finally, front and center of the store, is a sign reading: “Since 1897 Filson, Seattle Washington U.S.A.”

As you walk through the doors, friendly Filson’s workers sporting the brand greet you and are ready to help you find the best quality of clothing.

A variety of flannel button ups, leather bags, and watches await you.

Here’s another fun fact: Filson’s is part of the Shinola family of companies! We all know Shinola and their Detroit-built watches that radiate style and durability. Filson’s sells three series of Shinola-made watches: The Mackinaw, designed for field work and hunting, Scout, a famous pilot’s watch, and The Dutch, a diver-inspired watch.

An Inside Look

Filson’s Provides High-End Outdoor Gear in Midtown - Opportunity Detroit Blog

After doing some research on the company, and taking a look around the store, I had a chance to speak to Steven Pattison, a Filson’s employee passionate about the brand.

When I asked Pattison what Filson’s was know for, he said:

“We started off fitting miners for the Gold Rush. Our company’s almost 120 years old and our founder, C.C. Filson, fit miners with sleeping bags and camping supplies. After that died down, we started fitting loggers in the Midwest with jackets and flannel shirts, so that’s part of our heritage.”

Pattison continued to talk about the brand, speaking of their consistency of product, by selling flannels and camping supplies, and their dedication to durability. Filson’s offers a guarantee on their products; so much so that if there is a clothing or accessory malfunction, they offer their repair services for free.

“We stand behind the quality,” Pattison concluded.

Stop On By

Filson’s Provides High-End Outdoor Gear in Midtown - Opportunity Detroit Blog

We welcome Filson’s to the Motor City and look forward to seeing their brand become part of the retail scene. With products that were inspired by old-fashioned entrepreneurship and hard work, we believe Detroiters will find common ground with the culture of this new midtown gem.

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