Find Out Why These Notable Detroiters Love the Motor City

Whether it’s the classic cars, the diverse community, legendary musicians or the fantastic food, we all can agree that there are so many reasons we love Detroit! Local entrepreneur Terry Bean loves the Motor City, and he’s been instrumental in launching DLove Day, which will be celebrated on March 13.

This resilient city, founded in 1701, has been the birthplace for innovation in many ways over the years, and the city continues to evolve after its 2013 bankruptcy. The M-1 RAIL system is underway, more jobs are springing up in the region and downtown Detroit is starting to bustle again.

“People don’t realize that the city is a living organism,” said Terry, “and we have to show it love and combat some of the bad energy that’s out there.”

Terry says positivity and appreciation can help change the narrative about Detroit.

“I really love the spirit of Detroit,” he said. “I am truly enamored by its possibilities and all of the positive change going on right now.”

Here’s why some other notable Detroiters feel inspired by the city:

Deena Centofanti

Image: MyFoxDetroit.com

“What I love about Detroit is as hard to define as the city itself. Its streets are filled with contradiction; joy and heartache, beauty and devastation, endless opportunity and frustrating endings. From the century-old buildings that still take your breath away, to the modern new development that screams progress, Detroit is a city that embraces its rich history while looking ahead. Learning from past triumphs and failures, there is so much anticipation for the city’s next chapter.”

-Deena Centofanti

Anchor/Health Reporter for WJBK-TV, Fox 2 Detroit

Nathan Hughes

Image: Detroit Labs Tumblr

“I love Detroit because it’s not easy to love Detroit. You have to work at it. For every two great things that happen, something terrible happens, and you have to spend a lot of energy making that right in your head. Detroit doesn’t hand you its gifts on a silver platter. You have to give in order to get, you have to earn your rewards, and for those that don’t want to give, this isn’t the place for them. I love Detroit because I can see what could be, what might be, and surrounding myself with hope and possible futures nourishes my mind and soul.”

-Nathan Hughes

Co-Founder of Detroit Labs

Lindsay Gross

Lindsay Gross

“To be able to be part of this great renaissance we have going on in the city of Detroit is truly remarkable. I attended the University of Detroit law school here back in mid 1980s, and I really never thought I would want to or have a reason to come back to Detroit. Now, 30 years later, this has become the place to be. What I’m witnessing today will be in our history books tomorrow. You just have to come here now and witness the biggest and best growth story our country has seen in decades!”

-Lindsay Gross
Co-Founder of Quicken Loans

Stephen Luigi Piazza

Stephen Luigi Piazza

“Detroit has always been about opportunity and the possibility of creating a better world. Detroiters can be knocked down, but they always get up and go forward. I love Detroit because it allows anyone to think big, and I look forward to what is yet to come because its best days are still ahead.”

-Stephen Luigi Piazza

Vice President Quicken Loans and Co-Host of WJR’s Opportunity Detroit Show

Tommey Walker

Image: Michigan Business

“I love Detroit because of the energy and power here. Detroit has been key in the progression of humanity in major ways, and we continue to make an impact. I love what Detroit represents, and to me it represents truth.”

-Tommey Walker

Creator of Detroit Vs. Everybody


Deborah Schutt

“The reason I love Detroit is that it is authentic – real. It has some of the most beautiful architecture in the world: seven national historic landmarks alone along the Woodward corridor alone, a beautiful American Heritage River, the stellar Belle Isle and incredible fine arts, theatre and music. But it’s the people that stir my passion … Detroiters are the heart and soul of all that is good in America”

-Deborah Schutt

Executive Director of the Woodward Avenue Action Association 

As you can imagine, you could ask 100 people about what they appreciate about Detroit and get 100 different and meaningful answers. But Detroit councilman Andre Spivey sums it up best in one sentence: “There is no other city that could have molded, shaped and prepared me to be who I am better than Detroit. That’s why I give back, and that’s why I love Detroit.”

Many of us living and working here can relate; Detroit a one-of-a-kind town that molds each of us as much as we help mold it.

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