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Futura to Debut New Art Exhibition in The Belt

The “Futura” Is Now

Early Thursday morning, a crowd of media reporters, art enthusiasts, and Detroit students gathered in The Belt to get a sneak peek of street artist, Futura, and his new solo exhibition.

The Belt, located between Broadway and Library Street, is a culturally redefined art alley hosting diverse compositions from local and international talent. As the brainchild of Library Street Collective and Bedrock Real Estate Services, The Belt functions as a safe and public space for artists to create and engage with the people of the Motor City.

The Belt also features an exhibition called Public Matter, a collection of large-scale paintings and sculptures by contemporary artists.

Enter Futura: the most recent and anticipated addition to Public Matter. In his latest solo exhibition, New Horizons, he plans to bring his trademark designs, like gyroscopes, nebulae, and lightning-like streaks, while incorporating a Detroit theme to his work with pieces titled “Pistons,” “Shelby Yellow,” and “Tiger Stripe.”

Lenny McGurr, now known as Futura, is praised for his influence in the street art community. His work pushes the boundaries between gallery and street, as his abstract painting incorporates graffiti-like elements with an artistic flair.


Futura to Debut New Art Exhibition in The Belt - Opportunity Detroit

Local students from the Detroit Academy of Arts & Sciences were invited to meet and create with Futura. The kids were able to paint their own pair of Converse shoes, much like Futura with his limited edition shoe with Converse. What better creative space than the middle of this infamous art alley?

Futura walked around the area, giving every kid thumbs ups and a warm smile.

While the students painted, I had a chance to speak with Maurice Morton, the CEO of the Detroit Academy of Arts & Sciences.

“Art is the basis of entrepreneurship in the area,” said an enthused Morton, as he handed out paint supplies to his students.

When I asked Morton how art is inspiring the regrowth and revitalization of the city, he spoke of its impact on the people interested in visiting the city. He was especially excited on the impact art has on kids in Detroit.

“It’s inspiring,” said Morton, “Whether it’s startups or other types of entrepreneurs, it’s creating an environment that’s allowing them to create.”

The Down-low on the Show

Futura to Debut New Art Exhibition in The Belt - Opportunity Detroit

The public celebration will occur on Saturday, June 18 with the official opening of Public Matter: Futura.

This event will take place in The Belt from 6:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. with live music by Detroit Party Marching Band and Live DJ. There will also be an appearance from a Grammy award-winning artist that you don’t want to miss!

El Guapo, Delectabowl, and Treat Dreams food trucks will be in attendance, along with cocktails by The Skip and Stand By.

This event is open and free to the public.

Pictures are welcome and encouraged. Be sure to stay active with all the updates and coverage on social media by following @BedrockDetroit and @LibraryStreetCollective, and using the hashtag #PublicMatterDetroit.

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