Get Stylish at a Downtown Hair or Nail Shop

I lived in downtown Detroit for more than a year, and during that time I had a tough time finding nearby nail and hair shops. It was a major inconvenience to drive 15 minutes outside of the downtown area just to find a nice shop. In the past few years, more than 40,000 people have moved downtown thanks to the creation of new jobs and the popular Live Downtown program.

As more housing options are built and renovated, the wave of growth will only continue in the coming years. You can help build the city and small businesses by spending your consumer dollars downtown. Here are five great reasons to patronize downtown shops:

  • Local shops invest in the surrounding community
  • Shopping locally saves time and money
  • Shopping locally creates more downtown jobs
  • Local shops contribute to revitalizing the downtown area and improving the city’s image
  • Local shops add value and reasons why others should come downtown

As downtown and Midtown have evolved, more businesses have popped up. I’ve exhausted my resources to tally a list of barber shops, hair salons and nail shops in the downtown and Midtown areas.

Downtown Shops 

  • Cross Cultures Salon: 1301 W. Lafayette Blvd., (313) 963-6207
  • Dymond Design: 2170 E. Jefferson Ave., (313) 567-2896,
  • Ezelli Salon: 89 Monroe St., (313) 965-3710,
  • Fred’s Hair & Nails: 1214 Griswold St., Suite 909, (313) 962-0264
  • Men’s Quarters Barber: 1001 Woodward Ave., Suite 13, (313) 963-1092
  • M.L.I.’s Barbershop: 111 Cadillac Square, Suite 1C, (313) 974-1671
  • Pete’s Barber Shop: 1000 Brush St., (313) 964-7200
  • Renaissance Salon: 400 Renaissance Center, Level A, (313) 446-4000,
  • Salon Deanna Internationale: 615 Griswold St., (313) 965-6905,
  • Salon Detroit: 660 Woodward Ave., Suite 104, (313) 486-1200,
  • Sam’s Barber Shop: 719 Griswold St., Suite 220, (313) 961-7373
  • Seabrooks & Company Salon International: 208 Bagley Ave., (313) 963-9253
  • Shaw’s Grooming Center: 1224 Randolph St., (313) 961-5060
  • Standard Barber Company: 138 Cadillac Square, (313) 965-6500
  • Tower Barber & Beauty Shop: 65 Cadillac Square, (313) 965-5713
  • The Last Tangle Hair Salon: 1500 Washington Blvd., (313) 963-5959
  • Woodhouse Day Spa: 1447 Woodward Ave., (313) 965-6270,

Midtown Shops


To read more about all of the businesses popping up around the downtown area, read this Crain’s Business Journal article.

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