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Give Your Day a “Stress-Free” Boost with Narrow Way Café

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom looking for a break, a business professional looking for a quick energy boost, or just someone looking to enjoy a one-of- a-kind sweet treat – Narrow Way Café has got something for everyone.

Narrow Way Café opened its doors to serve the public in the Summer of 2017. The café is located on the Avenue of Fashion at 19331 Livernois in Detroit. For years before the cafe made its debut on Livernois, it started as a ministry inside of Straight Gate Church in Detroit that served the community.

“There was no community coffee shop in the general vicinity or in the area. There’s a Starbucks that’s a little further away and a couple other chains, but nothing that was community oriented. We thought what a wonderful opportunity,” explained Sabrina Swain, part owner of the café.

This isn’t your average coffee shop, folks. Narrow Way Café & Shop aims to provide its customers with a much different experience. Swain points out that most coffee drinkers are not only looking for great tasting coffee but to get energy in a relaxing setting.

“Most coffee shops you go in to are loud and have a lot going on. It’s actually giving you an experience that is the exact opposite of what you are looking for. We wanted to make sure that we capitalize on really giving that stress-free environment to our customers. We took that into consideration with not only our product but with the design and with the lighting and everything else that has gone into it.”

The café offers its customers a truly remarkable opportunity to try Michigan-based products like Avalon Bakery goods and Zingerman’s Coffee, in a modern, visually-appealing environment.

Swain says that “People love the baked goods. They’re fresh. We warm them up for you. We literally picked the best of the best. We have a few different bakers that we use, but we have chosen the best of each and make them all available in the same place.”

Give Your Day a “Stress-Free” Boost with Narrow Way Café - Opportunity Detroit

The café offers three medium and dark roast blends of Zingerman’s Coffee exclusive to the restaurant called Daybreak, High Noon, and Night Fall. Customers can also try their variety of lattes and mochas.

The shop aims to provide a painless experience by giving their customers the option to skip waiting in long lines and pre-order their drinks online. Customers can load up money on their app so they don’t have to worry about swiping their card or using cash. The café has a loyalty program that gives customers stamps every time they order a drink. After 8 drinks, the 9th drink is free. Cool, right?

When you stop by Narrow Way Café this month, you can enjoy a specialty cocoa or mocha in celebration of Black History Month. Swain promises these ordinary drinks are like nothing you’ve had before.

Give Your Day a “Stress-Free” Boost with Narrow Way Café - Opportunity Detroit

If you are not a coffee drinker, the café also offers over a dozen extraordinary smoothies such as the “Georgia Peach” and “Chocolate Covered Strawberry.”

“Our smoothies are recipes that I came up with myself. People love the smoothies. Even with the snow, the smoothies are huge,” explained Swain.

Give Your Day a “Stress-Free” Boost with Narrow Way Café - Opportunity Detroit

Narrow Way café’s mission is “To serve people, to love people and to always be there for people.” This coffee spot is about way more than coffee and treats. It’s about a resurgence in the community and an overall satisfying, stress-free experience.

To view the café’s full menu, visit

The café is open Monday – Friday 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. and Saturday from 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. The shop is closed on Sunday.

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