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A Good Proposal Story Can Make You Melt This Valentine’s Day

Detroit may not be known as the city of romance, but the city is filled with heart-warming love and proposal stories. We don’t hear enough about these warm and fuzzy stories because we’re usually too busy talking about the city’s finances, automotive news or the job market. Just in time for Valentine’s Day weekend, here are three amazing proposal stories from the D that are sure to make your heart melt!

Love Is Falling from the Sky

Nicole Pelinski was proposed to after sky diving over Detroit.

Nicole Pelinski was proposed to after sky diving over Detroit.

“On September 26, 2008, my boyfriend Bill and I finally got the chance to go skydiving,” Nicole Pelinski began. “It was our two-year anniversary, and we’d been talking about skydiving for a while. I still remember it like it was yesterday!”

“We had just celebrated my 21st birthday with a big bash with about 160 people at my parents’ house,” said Nicole, who lives with her now-husband, Bill, in the metro Detroit area. “I have to admit I was surprised when Bill hadn’t popped the question at my birthday party.”

Nicole, although disappointed, said she got over it as she was looking forward to their upcoming adventure with Capital City Skydiving.

“Just days later, there we were, about 3,000 feet in the air overlooking trees and farmland,” said Nicole, who is currently Mrs. Michigan USA. She will compete for the Miss Earth United States title in Los Angeles in July.

“Our skydiving experience was awesome,” said the 27-year-old. “And right after we touched down, Bill was kneeling and he told me that he hurt his knee. I literally told him ‘Get up and stop acting like a baby,’ not knowing that he was trying to propose to me!”

Then Bill said, “My knee really doesn’t hurt, but will you marry me?”

He had secretly coordinated the whole proposal with help from the skydiving instructors who were snapping photos and recording his heartfelt proposal.

“I can’t believe that he hid the ring in his underwear and that he was so worried about it flying out!” Nicole said. “Since he proposed right after our jump, we were both filled with adrenaline and excitement! It was the best proposal that I could ever dream of.”

The happy couple recently celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary.

“It was such a beautiful day! I really appreciated the thought that went into our day,” she said.

Kid Rock Kind of Love

Lauren Russell was proposed to at a Kid Rock concert in 2014.

Lauren Russell was proposed to at a Kid Rock concert in 2014.

“It was August 16, 2013, and Mike and I had been camping all weekend with my family,” said Lauren Russell, 28. “Mike loves Kid Rock, and a group of us had decided to go to his concert in Clarkston.”

Lauren, who met Mike Nowacki in 2008 through her brother-in-law, recalled putting on some casual clothes for the concert when her mom hinted to her to wear a dressier outfit.

“That should have been a clue to me that something was about to happen,” she said, thinking back on the day. “We were tailgating with my family before the concert, when out of nowhere Mike dropped to one knee to propose.”

Lauren said that because of the blaring music in the parking lot at the DTE Energy Music Theatre, she couldn’t hear anything her beau said!

“It’s funny, but all I heard him say was, ‘You’ve made me the happiest man in the world,’ and part of the question,” she laughed. “I think Mike forgot what he said too, but his friend captured it on video and everyone around us helped celebrate the moment.”

She said that the proposal was magical because it was such a surprise and they were surrounded by about 25 family members.

“We are big Detroit supporters, and you can’t get any more ‘Detroit’ than getting engaged at a Kid Rock concert,” Lauren said. “We have a couple of Kid Rock songs like ‘Blue Jeans and a Rosary’ that mean a lot to us, and he performed them in the concert! We were so excited to hear them; it made our day that much more special.”

The happy couple is looking forward to their wedding day, which will be March 14.

Love on the Ice

Trisha Lemanski was proposed to while ice skating at Campus Martius Park.

Trisha Lemanski was proposed to while ice skating at Campus Martius Park.

Trisha Ribitch will never forget December 6, 2013, because that’s the day her then-boyfriend, Brian, took her for a surprise ice skating trip in downtown Detroit.

“Brian was very sick at the time, which is why I was confused that we suddenly took a detour to the Campus Martius ice skating rink on our way to Mario’s for dinner,” recalled Trisha, who lives in Warren. “Campus Martius was the location of our first date, and he took me back to that spot.”

The couple was celebrating two years together. Trisha said there was no doubt she wanted to marry Brian, but that she was surprised by the anniversary day proposal.

“I should have been onto Brian’s plan when I heard him tell someone on the ice, ‘Take as many pictures as you can of us,’” she said. “He then stopped me right in front of the gigantic Christmas tree and dropped to one knee to propose.”

Trisha remembers that her nervousness caused her to tremble. She felt frozen while Brian was waiting for a response.

“He told me, ‘So are you gonna say YES?’” She laughed. “I did say yes and it was so special because it was a very public proposal! The ice rink was such a fun place to be, and everyone kept coming up to us to congratulate us. It’s funny that strangers were sharing in our proposal.”

She said it was also memorable because it was only 16 degrees downtown, yet the rink was packed with skaters.

“Brian was so thoughtful to take me back to this special place. He even packed gloves, hats and scarves for me to choose from to wear,” said Trisha, who is 28. “It was a wonderful lifelong memory.”

The happy couple was married on December 6 of last year, and they made a trek back downtown to snap wedding photos on the ice.

“My advice to someone planning a proposal is to think about what the most sentimental thing is to the both of you. Forget about what sounds cool to other people and focus on the little details that will make the day unforgettable.”

These are just three love stories that remind us romance is still alive and well. If other Detroiters have a special proposal story, please share the details below.

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