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Keeping Those Resolutions, Detroit Style!

Happy New Year, readers! As you trickle into the beginning of 2018, you may find yourself already falling into a slump when it comes to your resolutions. No longer does the gym feel shiny, salad an edible meal, nor volunteering a good way to spend a work night. The intentions behind New Year’s resolutions are good: people want a clean slate to start bettering themselves. Unfortunately, life tends to make even the best of intentions a nightmare to follow through.

To better your chances of keeping your resolutions, come up with a solid plan of attack. Don’t worry – we’ll help! With the wonderful city of Detroit providing endless opportunity, it’s possible to effectively and conveniently keep those resolutions.

Eat Healthy

If you promised to eat better this year, Detroit has an abundance of food places that allow you to do just that. Most notably, Eastern Market allows you to shop YEAR-ROUND (yes, even in the middle of winter!) for fresh, local produce and meat. If you love fresh juice or salads, Freshii or 7 Greens provides gourmet food you can munch on during work. And if you’re not sure you can jump on the clean-food train in full force, Detroit Vegan Soul is an excellent transition to a world of healthier eating.

Exercise Regularly

It’s not all about lifting weights and running around in circles. Although, if you’re into more traditional exercising and just need a place to do it, the Boll Family YMCA is an excellent, centrally-located place to go. If you want to try something new that strengthens your mind and core, Citizen Yoga provides classes for all levels of experience. Want to jump into something intense yet oddly satisfying? CrossFit in the D offers lessons and bootcamps to people who are up for a challenge.

Volunteer More

The best place to volunteer is a nonprofit in your own neighborhood. Get to know your neighbors, support grassroots movements, and impact your very own circle. If you want to search elsewhere to volunteer, some great choices are The Capuchin Soup Kitchen, Keep Growing Detroit, and Last Day Dog Rescue. For a full list on places to volunteer in Detroit, check out our previous blog post here!

Tips for Keeping Resolutions Year Round

Start small. Many people are averse to the term “resolutions,” and for this very reason, they don’t make them at all! However, promoting a positive change to your life doesn’t have to be a lofty resolution you came up with so you’d have something to say at the New Year’s Eve party. Choosing to be healthier physically and mentally can start with small tasks. Separate a broad resolution of “Try new things” to one new experience per month. Instead of completely changing your diet, research healthy changes and add them one at a time, whether that’s a day, week, or month. Keeping goals bite-sized and achievable is critical in helping you achieve a newer, happier you.

Learn to build healthy habits.“The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business” is an excellent book that addresses the brain chemistry and personal patterns that build habits. It also equips you with the ability to break bad habits and replace them with healthier habits you’ve been trying to achieve for years.

Find rewards that don’t diminish your goals! This is a common pitfall for New Year’s resolutions, and a pitfall for goals in general. Ever heard of the term “cheat days?” While it may logically make sense to reward yourself with a sweet treat after a week of healthy eating, this keeps you in a cycle of using food as a reward system, which backtracks any healthy eating quickly. Keep your rewards different than the goal you are trying to accomplish. For example, if you want to exercise three times a week, don’t make your reward skipping a day the following week.

What are some ways you hope to utilize all that Detroit has to offer to keep those resolutions going? Let us know in the comments below!

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