Kit And Ace Opens Clothing Store On Woodward Ave - Opportunity Detroit Blog

Kit and Ace Opens Clothing Store On Woodward Ave

Stylish meets sustainable as Kit and Ace opened its doors for business on the famous Woodward Avenue today.

This store is sure to add to the high-end collection of shops on Merchants Row, joining stores like John Varvatos and Nike Detroit Community Store in their efforts to provide comfortable, brand name clothing to the city of Detroit.

Whether you’re an avid athlete or an on-the-go fashionista, this brand is the one-stop shop for those who need clothing material that can keep up with their active lifestyle.

If you didn’t get the chance to check out the store’s grand opening, here’s an inside look at the brand’s history, as well as an exclusive interview with a Kit and Ace representative on how their brand will keep up with the busy city.

The Whole Kit and Caboodle

Kit and Ace Opens Clothing Store On Woodward Ave - Opportunity Detroit Blog

Kit and Ace opened their first store in Vancouver, Canada in 2014. Since then, they’ve extended their shops to cities like San Francisco and New York.

As the son of Chip Wilson, founder of Lululemon Athletica, JJ Wilson started Kit and Ace with his stepmother, Shannon Wilson, with the goal of providing functional, fashion-forward clothing.

They’ve coined a concept called “Technical Cashmere,” a performance fabric that’s able to withstand multiple washes, while maintaining a stretch and bounce-back fabric that’s cool and comfy.

Included in their design is shrink integrity, breathability, venting, and stain shield; all with a tailoring that’ll flatter your shape.

Men’s and women’s apparel is sold with a tee shirt price range of $78- $88, a tank top for approximately $58, and a polo shirt price of $98.

Kit and Ace’s most popular sellers are the Long and Lean Dress, Mulberry Pants, and Court Tee.

My personal favorites are the Mulberry Pant and the Nigh Cap Sleeveless Tank.

Kit and Ace Opens Clothing Store On Woodward Ave - Opportunity Detroit Blog

As I tried on the clothing, it was love at first sight…and feel!

The pants had a legging or sweat pant comfort, with the sleek style of a dress pant! My job includes a lot of running around; now I can be comfortable and cozy while still looking poised and professional.

An Ace in the Hole

Kit and Ace Opens Clothing Store On Woodward Ave - Opportunity Detroit Blog

After their successful temporary location in Midtown, Kit and Ace moved to 1459 Woodward Ave to establish their flagship shop through Bedrock Real Estate Services.

Executive Vice President of Bedrock, Dan Mullen, expressed in an article written by Blocal Detroit:

“This new store will provide another great place to shop on Woodward Avenue and will also serve as a gathering place, bringing people together.”

As Detroit is home to several art studios and exhibits, Kit and Ace will feature what they call “hyper-local elements,” including art pieces by local Detroiters.

Their first featured art piece is a painting of Muhammad Ali by local artist Marlo Bro. This colorful piece added a unique personality to the store as well as paying homage to an American legend.

The geometrical light fixtures were also provided by local Detroiters: Eric and Israel Nordin from Detroit Design Center created unique, modern pieces that fit perfectly with the ambiance of the store.

Shop Talk

Kit and Ace Opens Clothing Store On Woodward Ave - Opportunity Detroit Blog

We had a moment to sit with Ashiyana Somlai-Maharjan from the Kit and Ace PR team in Vancouver, who came out to support the launch of the new Woodward store.

“I’ve fallen in love with Detroit,” says an enthusiastic Maharjan.

We gathered around what K&A call a “Supper Club Table” used to promote customer relaxation and connection. Supper Clubs are hosted by the shop keeps, but derived from a community presence.

“Supper Clubs are made up of different people from different parts of the community, all coming together. It’s a way to have a conversation with someone you’ve never talked to and you can get on a deeper level.”

We discussed Kit and Ace’s fit in Detroit, noting the participation each store has taken part of in their respected city.

“Community is huge for us,we’re making sure we’re engaged with locals, our neighbors, and with the city itself. It’s a big part of our DNA.” said Maharaja.

We believe the presence of the new Kit and Ace store in Detroit will provide far more than a shopping experience: it will provide a fun and encouraging environment to reconnect our community and inspire our city to unite in friendship and good conversation.

“I would also encourage people just to come in and spend time here. We have an environment where you can do your work. It’s meant to be an open space for anything and elevate the experience of the store,” added Maharaja.

A Fit For You

Kit and Ace Opens Clothing Store On Woodward Ave - Opportunity Detroit Blog

Kit and Ace is open Monday – Saturday from 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. and noon to 6:00 p.m. on Sunday.

The best way to keep in touch with Kit and Ace is to join their email list. They’ll send out information on store initiatives, featured art pieces, and fun events.

Get connected with all of Kit and Ace’s future art showcases and events by following @kitandace and be sure to hashtag #KitandAceDowntown.

For all the updates and announcements of Detroit businesses and upcoming store openings follow @BedrockRES.

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