MOJO Vs. Fathead: Boy Scouts Of America Host First Annual 'Dodge For Detroit Dodgeball Tournament' - Opportunity Detroit Blog

MOJO Teams With Fathead: Boy Scouts of America Host First Annual ‘Dodge for Detroit Dodgeball Tournament’

Boy Scouts of America hosted the first annual Dodge for Detroit Dodgeball Tournament. Held in Rivard Plaza (Detroit River Walk) the event offered local companies the opportunity to show off their skills while supporting Scouting Outreach programs geared toward teaching character development and leadership skills to over 4,000 of Southeast Michigan’s youth. To join in the fun, Fathead partnered as signage sponsor and even engaged with a team of their own! Of the 18 teams (consisting of 10 players each) participating, “The Fathead Six” rallied to victory coming in as the inaugural champions!

MOJO vs. Fathead: Boy Scouts of America Host First Annual 'Dodge for Detroit Dodgeball Tournament' - Opportunity Detroit Blog

Pictured Left to Right: Jamie Hayes (Boy Scouts of America, Great Lakes Field Service Council Development Officer), Thomas Lieto (Fathead Sales), Anthony Morasso (Fathead Sales), Nikki Stevenson (Frontline Intern), Brett Smith (Sales Intern), Erica Cline (Marketing Intern) and Craig Guzy (Fathead Sales)

Fathead teamed up with MOJO in the Morning and their team, also participating in the festivities, to enhance an on-air bet. The captain of the losing team in the Team Slim (Audio Producer, MOJO in the Morning) vs. Team MOJO match-up would have to display the winner’s Fathead in their bedroom for a month. To reveal the surprise, the Fathead Public Relations team went to the Channel 955 studios to unveil the Fathead graphics to MOJO and Slim on-air. Bigger than Big, Big Heads for cheering each team on, die cut wall graphics to aid the bet and even custom stand out cut outs left the team in anticipation for the big match!

The tournament was certainly one to remember for all who engaged and received much love and support from the city of Detroit and the local businesses that follow.

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