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The Movement Festival Rewind

Another year, another great festival. Movement Electronic Music Festival organizers have successfully produced 10 years of quality entertainment!

Combining the modern and diverse electronic and techno artists with the industrial backdrop of the downtown area, Movement encapsulated the rich history of Detroit innovation and aesthetic.

With so many great moments and memories, we have the highlights of Movement’s food fun, and festival.

The Festival Heard ‘Round the Square

The moment you stepped into the downtown area, you could feel the excitement. On every sidewalk was a “Movement Festival” advertisement, pointing the way to the event.

You could hear the music all the way from Cadillac Square and as soon as you rounded the corner on Woodward, you were welcome by a huge sign reading: “Welcome to Movement.”

The excitement only grew as you walked through the gates, drawn in by the sights, smells, and scenery of Hart Plaza. Festivalgoers were sporting their Detroit gear: from the new Nike store on Woodward to their favorite local sports team.

What drew my attention was the views: to my right, the Made In Detroit stage; to my left, the Opportunity Detroit stage, with the GM Renaissance Center as a scenic backdrop, a fitting sight for the city-based festival.

Great Beats and Good Eats

Around noon, Yoga enthusiasts started gathering at the Opportunity Detroit stage for their free session with Detroit Yoga Lab. With mats donated by Lululemon, the crowd began to show off their skills. What a great way to start the day: Namaste!

With a few hours until the first set, you had some time to grab a bite and a beer (or Redbull if you needed “wings.”) The festival eats served were similar to a carnival scene, selling warm pretzels, fresh lemonade, and (my personal favorite) elephant ears!

Detroit Institute of Music (DIME) artists DJ Holographic and Murder House Party took the Opportunity Detroit stage in the late afternoon, getting the crowd moving with their unique mixes. It was inspiring to see so many people around the stage to support local talent. Electronic and techno music was created and perfected in the Motor City, and these artists honored this history through their sets.

Even the rain on days two and three couldn’t get you down! Just like Detroit, the festival never stopped.

Give A Beat

The Give A Beat tent, located next to the Opportunity Detroit Stage, was a perfect opportunity to have some fun, while making a difference in the Detroit community. Utilizing the dance music community to raise awareness around social justice issues, the volunteers, working the Opportunity Detroit bar and the Give A Beat tent, looked happy and proud to support this cause.

I was honored to have a conversation with Lauren Segal, the president and founder of Give a Beat, who filled me in on the history and purpose of her organization, as well as a recap of their time at Movement.

“All of our volunteers are stellar,” said Segal. “This is a great community full of love, tolerance and acceptance and unity. It creates a perfect fertile ground of compassion.”

All the tip proceeds from the Opportunity Detroit Bar benefitted “On A New Track,” a GAB program that reaches out to the youth through education and mentorship.

Feeding off the excitement and fun of the festival, Give A Beat hosted Giant Jenga, holding competitions between the DJs at Movement.

“Giant Jenga was great,” said an excited Lauren. “[The artists] really embraced it completely and it was all over social.”

Taking pictures, Snapchatting, and live tweeting the friendly competition, the crowd around the Give A Beat event had a blast watching their favorite artists cut loose and have fun! Even the DJs were live tweeting their Jenga battles!

As our conversation came to an end, Lauren summarized the festival perfectly: “This is an innovative community and so many have made their living doing something outside the box. The vendors the DJs, all the things surrounding us: they are entrepreneurs catering to this industry and their community.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Detroit: The Comeback Kid

The DJs, merchandise salesmen, and food vendors that make up the innovative community of Detroit are the entrepreneurs that cater and enrich the Detroit community. It’s the brands at Movement like “Detroit Hustles Harder” that builds up the economy and intrigue of the city.

“The city is making a comeback,” artist RZA proclaimed at Movement Festival. We couldn’t agree more! This festival serves as a reminder that Detroit is back and better than ever.

Moving Forward

As the three-day festival came to a close, you were sent on your way with a message from the Movement banner reading, “Thank you for choosing Detroit.” We want to thank Movement for believing in our great city and being a supporter in its revitalization and regrowth.

See you next year, Movement!

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