Musician Spotlight: Greater Alexander

Local singer/songwriter Greater Alexander is making waves in the music industry. Being a singer/songwriter in Detroit isn’t always easy, but that hasn’t deterred this bearded philosopher. Often compared to Cat Stevens and Jack Johnson, his raw, natural style has garnered attention and a solid fan base.

Having always felt compelled to be a part of the music process, Greater began piano lessons at a young age and got his first guitar at 15. He experimented with various genres, including spending time in a hardcore band, before really finding his voice in 2010. The singer/songwriter pulls inspiration from the organic recordings of the late 60s and early 70s.

Greater Alexander | Opportunity Detroit

“People really want to feel the music. It creates a mystery. Like you’re in the room with the artist,” says Greater.

After some urging from Greater’s friend Ian Sigmon, his first album, Positive Love, was released in December 2012. Greater sent out over 40 songs to friends and asked them for their top 10 favorites. “Any Way Out of It” was resoundingly the crowd favorite, along with the album’s title track, “Positive Love.”

Greater Alexander’s next album, “Bag of Bones,” is slated for release in mid-2014.

Being a part of the Detroit music scene is different than any other city.

“It’s a very small scene, but really tight-knit. It’s easy to connect with artists you like, who really inspire you.”

One of those artists has been Flint Eastwood. Greater Alexander says he’s been really inspired by front woman Jax Anderson’s stage presence.

So why choose to live in a city with such a small music community? For Greater, it’s simple.

“You can find opportunity – a lot of opportunity here. I can work part time as a barista and still focus on my music and pay my bills. Detroit is a very artistically driven city, very community driven as well.”

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