Neighborhood Spotlight: Eastern Market


Besides everyone’s favorite Saturday market, a growing crop of galleries, print shops, food spots and market events is making Eastern Market a hot spot for housing.

The Lowdown

This unique destination offers bustling market days, quiet weeknights and a central location that is close to downtown. On Saturday mornings, the whole neighborhood comes alive with Eastern Market’s Saturday market. Farmers, food trucks, musicians and their customers fill the streets, creating a one-of-a-kind experience. During the week, food businesses work around the clock selling meats, produce and other supplies to local restaurants. The restaurants have been joined by other shops and vendors in recent years, creating more activity throughout the rest of the week and a cool, artistic vibe.

Eastern-MarketThe Nitty Gritty

A few loft building developments and some second floor lofts over retail make up the bulk of the neighborhood’s housing. Popular and well-occupied, if you’re interested in living in this neighborhood, be willing to jump when something becomes available, or get on a wait list if there’s nothing in your ideal building. With limited inventory, these units tend to cost around $1,000 for a one-bedroom unit, but they tend to be funky, unique spaces with lots of character.

Check It Out

  • Check out the Saturday morning barbeque and karaoke scene at Bert’s Marketplace.
  • Two print presses, Signal-Return and Salt & Cedar, offer classes in printmaking; make your own hip posters, journals, greeting cards or invitations.
  • Eastern Market Seafood Company’s giant sausage sandwiches are definitely worth a try!




Fun Stuff

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