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Neighborhood Spotlight: Grandmont Rosedale

Grandmont Rosedale Overview

The historic Grandmont Rosedale communities have some of the most friendly and involved neighbors you’ll ever meet.

NorthRosedaleParkThe Lowdown

Grandmont Rosedale is a large community, made up of several neighborhoods in Northwest Detroit. These neighborhoods boast tree-lined blocks, a multitude of architectural styles, and friendly neighbors. This tight-knit, family-friendly community offers convenient access to both downtown Detroit and the greater metro area. If you’re looking for a warm, welcoming community with lots of neighborhood activities and nearby amenities, the neighborhoods of Grandmont Rosedale are your ideal destination.

The Nitty Gritty

Single-family homes range between $40,000-$80-000, and you can find a quality, move-in-ready home at this price point. Many homes have been renovated while maintaining their historic integrity. Homeowners in Grandmont Rosedale may also be eligible to receive Neighborhood Enterprise Zone (NEZ) tax incentives (click here to learn more about the NEZ tax exemption).

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