Opportunity Detroit Encourages #LookUpDet on Instagram and Twitter

Between the hustle and bustle of city life, Detroiters might often forget about the stunning architecture around them, choosing instead to look down at their phones. But we live, work and play in one of the nation’s most amazing cities, blessed with stunning theaters, clubs and skyscrapers that captivate our imaginations. Many people miss out on the tremendous design that surrounds us every day.

To break us from our habit of looking down, Opportunity Detroit is launching a new Instagram and Twitter initiative as a means of getting our heads up while using our phones for good.

One of our team members cooked up a great idea for Detroiters to “look up” and take pictures of what they see around the city.

Post these pictures on Instagram and Twitter using the #LookUpDET and tag @OpportunityDET! We’ll be featuring our favorites from the @OpportunityDET Instagram and Tumblr accounts.

We want to encourage YOU to explore Detroit and LOOK UP! Detroit is full of beautiful sights and historical buildings, each with its own architectural uniqueness. Highlight a building and its history, focus on a neighborhood or snap a shot at your favorite restaurant or event. Let’s show the world how beautiful our city is if they just “look up.”

Remember: Post pictures of Detroit buildings, landmarks and events on Instagram and Twitter while using the hashtag #LookUpDet. Be sure that all pictures are taken in the act of looking up at something amazing. Help showcase Detroit’s beauty to the world!

Hense Mural

Woodward Ave

Library Street

Lafayette Greens

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