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Paramita Sound: Detroit’s Premier Vinyl Record Shop

If you’ve driven down Van Dyke Street in West Village lately, you probably noticed that one of the houses has been given new life. You know the one with the little squiggle in the window? It’s not a new restaurant (although West Village has some good ones), it’s actually Paramita Sound – Detroit’s newest record store!

IMG_4871Paramita Sound is the brainchild of Andrey Douthard and his partners Anna Atanassova, Zach Poley, and Vince Elizondo. The four music-loving friends opened Paramita Sound in October of 2014, after winning the Practice Space organization’s Activate: 1417 Van Dyke proposal competition.

Paramita is a Sanskrit word often translated as the cultivation of perfection, which is a fitting name for the vinyl shop since vinyl is often described as a perfect sound.

You can find new and used records at Paramita Sound, all selectively curated by the four partners. Each of the partners brings his or her own musical expertise and influences to the shop, but they’re careful to make sure everything is cohesive. Their goal is to make sure every record in the store could be played side by side and it would still make sense.

Records may be the classic way to listen to music, but Paramita Sound is merging that with modern technologies, like their iPad listening stations. IMG_4870You may not be able to pull each album out and play in on the record player, but you can look it up and listen to it at an iPad station.

“We love vinyl, but we know where the music industry is heading. Even when DJs come to the shop, they’re welcome to spin digital or vinyl,” Douthard says.

Paramita Sound hosts a wide variety of events where DJs can spin new music, and they also host beat showcases that are open to anyone. Based on their Instagram account, these events look like a lot of fun! Want to stay up to date on all the happenings and new releases at the record shop? Like them on Facebook!

Just in case you’re wondering what the folks at Paramita Sound are listening to, don’t worry – I was too. So I asked them what one album they’d recommend right now. Check out their suggestions below:

Andrey: Sturgill Simpson – “Metamodern Sounds in Country Music”

Anna: Bjork – “Vulnicura” 

Zach: Alain Goraguer – “La Planète Sauvage Original Soundtrack LP”

Vince:  Joey Bada$$ ­– “B4.Da.$$”

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  1. We are originally a DETROIT-based band with vinyl and itunes sales in over 50 countries; please google us. We have 3 vinyl albums on the Drag City label. Your store sounds GREAT—keep up the good work! I visit Detroit at least once a year; I want to come by your store! Best to you, ==Ed Balian (The George-Edwards Group)

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