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Parking In Detroit’s Popular Spots

Just a few days ago, I was talking to a friend about all the wonderful things happening in Detroit. From the new Nike Community Store to the unique shops opening in Midtown, I encouraged her to come down and witness the Motor City regrowth and revitalization.

However, she retorted with the all-too familiar response of: “There’s nowhere to park downtown!”

“Of course there is,” I exclaimed.

One of the most common reasons why people refrain from visiting Detroit is the belief that there’s no parking; and if there is, it’s too expensive or too far from your destination.

That’s what inspired this article!

We have all the information, including directions, rates, and hours of wonderful parking structures and kiosks for some of the most popular spots in Detroit.

As an added bonus, we’ve included shops, restaurants, and activities near each garage, making it faster and easier to get to your must-see destination.

So put it in park and keep reading for the inside scoop on getting the most out of your time in Detroit, while stressing less about parking.

Parking Downtown

The availability and accessibility to parking is a must in any city and Detroit has made leaps and bounds in providing inexpensive and easy parking options that work for every situation.

Like Macklemore’s summer smash, we’re heading “Downtown!” The first two garages are perfect examples of easy access and close proximity to all the hot spots.

The Z Deck

Imagine going to Detroit just for the parking! This garage will make that happen.

Located on 1234 Library Street, The Z is your go-to garage for sightseeing. But I’m not talking about the views of the city: the Z Deck, named for its zigzag shape, has interior murals done by 27 artists from the U.S. and abroad. What a sight!

The only thing better than the inside of this parking structure is the cost.

The Z weekday rates are $3 for every 20 minutes, with a maximum rate of $20 per day. Between 4:00 p.m. – 4:00 a.m., rates are as low as $10.

Now you can grab a drink and an easy chair at Punch Bowl Social, located at the base of the Z Deck, after your hard day at work. Weekend rates vary by event but are typically $10 and all fees can be paid by card.

Make the most of your parking spot and visit the retail tenants of the garage’s first floor: NoJo Kicks and the Vault of Midnight to name a few! Or try out some unique restaurants like 7 Greens!

Did we mention The Belt? Located under The Z and stretching from E. Grand River to Gratiot is a redefined art alley with twinkling lights and modern music. Make your walk worthwhile by strolling through The Belt on your way to many downtown hot spots.

One Campus Martius Visitor Parking

Just behind the Compuware building, now known as One Campus Martius, is the Visitor’s Parking garage. Located on Farmer Street, this garage gives you access to some of Detroit’s most famous locations like Cadillac Square and Campus Martius.

It’s also conveniently located by the Cadillac Square People Mover; which can take you to various locations in the city. Make sure to check out the People Mover website for a complete list of stations, stops, and costs.

While the views are different, the rates for this garage are the same as the Z with a $20 maximum for the weekdays and $10 for the weekends.

Be sure to check out popular restaurants such as Texas de Brazil and Hard Rock Café located in the One Campus Martius building.

Greektown Parking

On either end of Greektown are two great parking garages: Greektown Casino Brush Garage at 1001 Brush and Greektown Casino-Hotel Parking on 555 E Lafayette.
Both garages give you great access to Detroit’s hottest street, filled with bars, restaurants, and shopping that’ll keep you busy for hours on end. Not to mention, Greektown Casino!

Greektown Brush Garage ranges the same as the Z and is located by some of the hottest new attractions like Escape The Room. Get your friends together and check it out!

The Casino-Hotel Garage offers weekday parking from 7:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. for $10. After 11:00 a.m. on the weekdays, and all day on the weekends, parking is free!

This hotel is also sandwiched between two People Mover station stops, making it easier to hop on and off to visit other locations.

And speaking of sandwiches, 5 Guys Burgers and Fries is right at the corner along with other local favorites like Prism and Flood’s.

If you’re looking for a structure that’s central to downtown and Greektown, Greektown Fort Garage is perfect for you. On 419 E. Fort, this garage has the same rates as Brush Garage and the Z.

Corktown Parking

MGM Grand Detroit Casino

Just on the outskirts of Corktown on 3rd Street is the MGM Grand Detroit parking garage. Not far are unique restaurants and bars like UFO Factory and PJ’s Lager House.

And here’s the best part: 24-hour free parking!

That’s right. Now you can get the most out of your Corktown stay, checking out the land where the old Tiger Stadium once stood and reminiscing on Detroit’s rich history.

Eastern Market Parking

On the weekends, you can enjoy arts, crafts, flowers and food at the Eastern Market Sheds. Parking in this structure is free during market hours 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Be sure to check out Shed 5 Flea, a special vintage and antique market featured at Eastern Market July 10 and August 14. Admission and parking is free!

Move Over Meters

Located all throughout downtown, Midtown, and Corktown is the latest advancement in parking technology: Parking kiosks.

Here’s how it works: find the designated street parking spots and locate your zone number; it should be displayed clearly on a sign. Don’t forget your license plate number; you’ll need it to pay for your spot.

After entering in your license plate and zone number, choose the amount of time you want to park (the maximum time is 2 hours!) The kiosks accept credit and debit cards.

Viola! Now you can walk around town and take in the city life.

What if I told you there was an app for that? Available for iPhone and Android users is the ParkDetroit app, where you can enter in a credit card and pay through your phone.

But wait, it just gets better! The app will send you an alert 10 minutes before your parking expires. Now you can avoid those $45 parking tickets. To make matters easier, you can pay for your next parking session offsite from your phone.

Say goodbye to walking back and forth all day! This app makes it easier to enjoy your downtown experience without the stress of monitoring your parking spot.

Rates will vary by location and range from $1 to $2 so make sure you check the kiosk rate.

Come on Down

While my friend inspired this article, I hope it will help everyone who is interested in visiting the Motor City find fast and easy parking!

Detroit is a wonderful city on the rise and everyone should have to chance to experience its comeback.

Armed with the deets on all the best parking downtown, you’re ready to make the trip. Make it worthwhile by spending time checking out all the wonderful activities, eateries, and shopping of the city.

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