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Shepard Fairey Completes his Largest Mural and now it’s Time to Celebrate

If you’ve been behind the One Campus Martius building downtown lately (or been on Instagram) you’ve probably seen the massive mural now gracing the wall. Shepard Fairey has completed his largest mural to date! And tonight he’s unveiling even more with the opening of his Public Matter installation in The Belt.

The new, 184-foot by 60-foot mural took Fairey and his three assistants 10 days and over 300 cans of spray paint. A feat like that deserves a celebration!

Shepard Fairey Completes his Largest Mural and now it’s Time to Celebrate - Opportunity Detroit BlogJoin Fairey and Library Street Collective for the opening of his Public Matter exhibition tonight, from 6 p.m. – 10 p.m. There will be DJ sets from Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. and Fairey himself, food trucks on site and plenty of art from the world-renowned artist!

If the name Shepard Fairey rings a bell, you may know him from the now iconic Barack Obama “Hope” poster from the 2008 presidential campaign.

Library Street Collective also invited Fairey to work on the art inside of the Z Garage but he was unable to because of scheduling conflicts.

When Library Street asked him what would it take to get him here, Fairey responded, “Find me something I can’t pass up. Get me a good wall.”

And find him a good wall they did!

Shepard Fairey Completes his Largest Mural and now it’s Time to Celebrate - Opportunity Detroit Blog“I’d been told that Library Street is known to over deliver. This is proof of that,” said Fairey.

The artist is known for creating thoughtful, detailed works that comment on society. For this mural, Fairey went with something more iconic but still spoke to who he was as an artist.

“If they say do a flower, it’s still gotta be my flower,” explained Fairey.

For his largest mural to date, the artist submitted four designs to Bedrock Real Estate Services (one of the building owners of One Campus Martius) and went with the one they liked best.

His work traditionally utilizes red, black, cream and gold to create the striking style he’s known for. His signature colors are vibrant on the One Campus Martius mural as well as some hidden gems like the peace and justice symbols and the flame inside of the flower.

“I went with something more traditionally appealing but incorporated clues that connect back to some of my more challenging work,” explained Fairey.

While the new mural is more iconic, people can see more of his detailed and challenging works at the Public Matter exhibition tonight at The Belt, or his gallery inside of Library Street Collective.

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