Sister Pie Location Opens In West Village - Opportunity Detroit Blog

Sister Pie Location Opens in West Village

Sister Pie Location Opens in West Village - Opportunity Detroit BlogSince 2012, Sister Pie has been serving up delicious pies and pastries to Detroiters. Working out of houses and shared kitchens, they have managed to dance into the hearts of countless customers – literally, have you seen their Instagram? Their unique take on classic treats demanded a brick and mortar location all their own – and now it’s here! That’s right! Sister Pie is open for business Tuesday – Sunday at their new West Village location.

Across the street from Parker St. Market, and just blocks away from other Detroit favorites like Craft Work, Red Hook and Paramita Sound, Sister Pie welcomes guests with an abundance of light, character, and of course, delectable pies and pastries.

The store is encased in windows, making it a bright place to relax and enjoy a few moments alone with your coffee and some shortbread cookies, or in the company of friends sharing a pie!

Sister Pie Location Opens in West Village - Opportunity Detroit BlogThere’s a sense of community at Sister Pie unique to restaurants and bakeries. When you walk in, you’re instantly greeted with a smiling face and warm hello. For those of us who like to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee with our slice of pie, they have a glass cabinet full of mugs you can choose from (fittingly referred to as the pie-brary), all donated by people in the community.

So how did these delicious pies and charming shop come to be?

Lisa grew up in Michigan but after college left for New York to pursue directing. She had enjoyed baking since she was young, baking treats in the kitchen with her mom, but discovered her desire to do it full time when she was working at several restaurants in New York, including Momofuku Milk Bar. Momofuku is known for their inventive twists on bakery classics, a technique evident in Sister Pie concoctions like grapefruit black pepper meringue pie or their pie sandwich cookies with mint and lime buttercream.

Sister Pie Location Opens in West Village - Opportunity Detroit Blog

In 2012, Lisa moved back to Michigan and was whipping up pies and cookies for the holiday season. The scrumptious treats were well received and Sister Pie was not only fulfilling email orders but also being sold at several local shops and markets.


They’ve managed to build quite the following on social media too. The Sister Pie team’s energetic and playful humor, along with amazing pies and pastries have proved to be an unbeatable duo on social media.

Make sure you follow them for a few laughs and taste bud temptations! And stop into their shop at 8066 Kercheval, Detroit from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

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