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Six Ways to Make Your Museum Visit Fun for Kids

Are your kids a little too cool to enjoy a Saturday or Sunday morning at the museum? Would you rather get them out of the house and give them a well-needed break from the TV, iPad or whatever gadget is turning them into an extra on “The Walking Dead”? Here are six ways to get them to enjoy an afternoon at some of Detroit’s top museums.

Play Favorites

Choosing your favorite amongst your children isn’t what we mean here. Prior to your visit, hop on the museum’s website and let your kids pick one section or exhibit they would like to explore during your visit. This piques their interest and gives them a reason to be a little more patient when they’re strolling through other areas of the museum.

Grab a Bite to Eat

Your children will act like well-behaved angels if they have full tummies. Having fun at a museum requires a lot of energy. Everyone, including you, should enjoy a meal and a nap prior to a museum visit. If you’re in Midtown, check out Avalon International Breads. Downtown? Stroll through Greektown and dine at Pizza Papalis. Looking for a gluten-free option? Consider Passport’s Pizza! No one will be on their best behavior if they’re hungry or tired.

Visit the Gift Shop First

Make the gift shop your first stop upon arrival. I know, no one wants to spend too much dinero at the gift shop on posters, mugs, magnets and bottle openers. Instead, purchase several postcards of important works or exhibits on display, then make a competition out of finding where they are in the museum. It makes the visit more interactive, and it’s a lot cheaper than buying toys. It’s also a great excuse to skip the gift shop at the end of the visit and head straight to the car. No pouting kids. What a win!

Take Selfies

Let kids document their experience by taking photos of themselves while at the museum. Your kids will have a blast capturing selfies with cool backgrounds. Kids, parents and even POTUS and VPOTUS enjoy snapping selfies. Just make sure to check museum rules about camera and video recording while exploring their collections and special exhibits.

Set Up a Scavenger Hunt

Try to think of something for the kids to hunt for. Give children age-appropriate scavenger hunts at the door. For instance, a photo of someone important, secret codes, bling, the guy with the longest nose or simply their favorite color are examples of things that kids can search for. Keep it quirky, but try to keep the subject relevant to the type of museum you’re exploring that day. Lending them your camera or phone to snap a few creative shots will also keep them entertained during the entire hunt.

Story Time

For the little ones who are creatively inclined, this game is enjoyable. Pick a painting, figure or exhibit and have them tell you a story about it. Who is the samurai defending? What makes a rocket blast off into space? I’m sure your little one will have a very unique story to tell.

Do you have any cool ideas to enjoy an afternoon at a museum? What are some of your favorite museums to explore in Detroit? We’d love to hear!

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