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Slow Roll Detroit: Where Fun, Fitness and Friendships Meet

Pump up the two-wheeler, clip your helmet strap, bring a friend and cruise up and down the streets of Detroit…with Slow Roll!

Four Wheels and Seven Years Ago…

Having rolled out in 2010, Slow Roll was formed to change the perspective of Detroit, educate individuals and foster community and friendship. Starting small, co-founders Jason Hall and Mike MacKool gathered a group of friends to view the city from the seat of their bikes. Each week more people showed up and that trend hasn’t stopped.

It all started when Hall moved back to Detroit from South Beach, Florida, to give back and reconnect with his hometown.

Gaining Ground

Word spread and with each week, more and more riders were showing up and bringing friends along. In a way, it became a movement, not just in the physical sense but in a practical one – a fun, engaging way for people to get fit, enjoy their city and literally just slow down. The weekly joyride caught the attention of Apple, who in 2014 featured Slow Roll in a commercial highlighting the iPad and how Hall and MacKool coordinate their rides and engage with fans using the device.

Today, Slow Roll attracts 5,000 – 10,000 participants on Mondays throughout the year, giving riders an appreciation of Detroit’s beautiful nooks and crannies that are often missed when riding in a car. In 2017, Slow Roll hosted 23 rides touring different parts of the city. In 2018, Slow Roll plans to partner with 50 Detroit based non-profit organizations.

Pedal with the People

All ages, riding skills and types of bike are welcome. Some bikes have amazing bells and whistles, including lights, speakers and flashy paint jobs! Hall said that he and MacKool wanted everyone to feel welcome, getting the point across that Slow Roll is about slowing down and taking time to see what is going on around the city, with rides lasting 60 – 90 minutes.

With the help of the Detroit Police Department, riders travel on pre-planned routes. These routes change weekly which encourages riders to come back to see the whole city. Some of the past rides highlighted areas such as the Michigan Science Center, West Riverfront, and Batch Brewing Co. Last year, Slow Roll had over 10,000 registered members. The membership is free but a $15 basic membership donation to the nonprofit is encouraged. There is also a premium membership option ($60). These funds go directly back into the organization’s operating costs, police assistance and city permits. Membership applications for the 2018 season can be found online.

The first ride will be May 7. For details about the ride and where to meet, visit their ride schedules. If you are a fan of the Grand Prix, you can ride the course on Wednesday, May 30!

Have you participated in Slow Roll? Tell us about your experience below!

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