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Spoil Your Senses at Midtown’s Newest Bar

Could you imagine going to a cocktail bar, getting flavorful drinks that not only cater to your taste buds, but that appeal to your sense of smell? Castalia, Midtown’s newest cocktail bar, is a “Sanctuary for the senses,” says co-owner Kevin Peterson.

Peterson and his wife, Jane Larson, decided to take their already successful scent company, Sfumato, to the next level and create a lounge experience for Detroiters.

When customers walk into Castalia at Sfumato, they will be met with an organic, natural fragrance that creates a calming effect.

“A lot of the bases for the scents come from different herb and spice combinations. It was actually kind of a natural fit to take whatever that scent combination is and turn that back into a cocktail, either through finding different liquor or liqueurs that match that profile,” explained Peterson.

The lounge has transformed the popular “White Russian” cocktail into the “From Russia with Smoke,” which is a creamy, semi-sweet drink with cedar smoke and chocolate bitters.

Castalia is an intimate lounge that seats 16 people and allows customers to choose from eight different cocktails. Each cocktail is paired with one of Sfumato’s eight signature fragrances.


photos courtesy of EE Berger

Castalia is a fragrance store by day (from noon – 6:00 p.m.) and a bar by night (from 6:00 p.m. – midnight). Castalia at Sfumato is open Wednesday – Saturday. Please see their website for more information.

The multi-sensory cocktail bar just opened on March 21, but has had a great response from the community.

“Customers get some unusual flavors that you don’t normally find in a cocktail, but it really pairs well.”

The unique location of the lounge makes the experience that much more enjoyable for its customers.

“We are below street level, so the road noise, the outside world noise kind of drops away. We really pay a lot of attention to the sound, the lighting, the scents, the drinks – just all of the different senses and getting those to harmonize and just creating a little escape and place to enjoy and indulge your senses.“

Detroiters can look forward to the bar’s outdoor patio opening party on Saturday, May 12. There will be some new summery drinks on the menu, a DJ, and a few other surprises. The bar is located at 3980 2nd Ave, Suite E in Midtown Detroit.

So why not try a drink that smells pleasant, while taking in all the good vibes at this unique cocktail spot? Learn more at CastaliaCocktails.com

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