Spring In Detroit

Spring In Detroit

If you visited the city in the past year, you probably noticed how quiet it felt. With the pandemic shutting down many of the restaurants, and people being urged to stay in their houses, the energy of the city has been different. Now, with vaccinations on the rise, and warmer weather approaching, I’ve noticed the energy of the city is returning.

In fact, I was downtown this past weekend and was amazed by the amount of people that were there. Lines of people waited for their Iggies Eggies order and the Riverwalk was packed with walkers, bikers and skateboarders.

As the warm weather starts to bring people back to the city, I’ve made a list of my favorite spots to check out.

Eastern Market

To me, nothing screams Detroit more than Eastern Market. From the local artists selling their work, to the produce vendors that line the sheds, Eastern Market is a must see when you are in the city. Visit Eastern Market every Saturday year-round, or Sundays starting in June and running through November.


It still amazes me that an entirely different country is just across the river from us. Walking the riverfront not only provides you with spectacular views of both Detroit and Canada, but also encompasses a park, carousal, beach volleyball courts, and more!


Dequindre Cut

Detroit’s art scene is popping and one of my favorite displays of it is the Dequindre Cut. The two-mile pathway connects the East Riverfront to Eastern Market. Walk, ride a bike or scooter down the Dequindre Cut to see captivating street art.

Lafayette Greens

Yes, we have some amazing gardens in our city.  Check out Lafayette Greens, which features seasonal flowers as well as local art displays, and grab a coney dog at one of Detroit’s iconic coney joints (Lafayette Coney Island & American Coney Island) that sit right next door to it!

Belle Isle

Name another city that can say they have their own island? Ok… there might be one or two, but thankfully, we are one of the few! Visiting this 982-acre island is a must. The island itself has an aquarium, yacht club, public beaches, and plenty of park space for you to enjoy the outdoors.

Well, there you have it, all of my favorite things to check out in the city! Comment below and let me know your go to spring and summer destinations in Detroit.


Anna Robb is a photographer and content creator for Rock Ventures and Opportunity Detroit. Check out Anna Robb on Instagram at @AnnaRobbxo. 

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