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Summer is just over the horizon, and with it comes warmer weather, sunnier days and the long-awaited return of the food trucks. Rolling into Campus Martius this week is the Mean Weenie, which specializes in a wide variety of gourmet hotdogs, everything from their delectable “Keen Weenie” (as seen on Fox 2), and – my personal favorite – the flavor-packed “Piggly Wiggly,” which is topped with Mac & Cheese and BBQ PULLED PORK!

Mean Weenie Food Truck

Tracy Antenucci and Chris Matthews, founders of the Mean Weenie, make it a point to use locally made products, serving Dearborn All Beef Dogs, Brown’s buns, and even Faygo Pop and Better Made Chips. These high-quality products, matched with some amazing recipes, make The Mean Weenie one of the most delicious food trucks in Detroit.

The Mean Weenie offers, as Antenucci calls it, the all American hotdog with a twist.” Their take on curb-side dining involves ingredients from all over the globe, or “international flavor profiles,” which are sure to entice even the most selective foodie. Matthews’ favorite dog, for example is the “Wasabi-ach?” which is a hoisin-glazed hotdog with wasabi-ginger coleslaw.

I strolled over to get a dog at The Mean Weenie to get a better idea of their wares (and I was just hungry), deciding that I’d go for the day’s special, “The Wicked Weenie.” Not only was the meal an impressive, and spicy, take on a hotdog, the service, which was provided by Chris Mathews himself, was some of the quickest I’ve seen in Detroit. At most food trucks I visit, I can spend ten, even fifteen minutes waiting for my food to be prepared. But at the Mean Weenie, I never had to leave the window. It was a great way to get a quick and delicious meal during my lunch break.

Mean Weenie Hot Dog

Antenucci and Matthews have big plans for the Mean Weenie, hoping to start up a smaller food cart, aptly named the Teeny Weenie, which will allow them to expand their market to multiple locations. Between the great food and the great service, Antenucci explains that their goal is “world domination, one weenie at a time.”

Antenucci and Matthews encourage employees working around Campus Martius to check out the wide variety of food trucks. The beauty of curbside dining is that you can hop between food trucks and food shacks for a single meal, building a lunch of epic proportions.


The Meanie Weenie will be visiting Campus Martius through the first of May. Come by and check it out.

“It’s easy for people to think that we just sell hotdogs,” says Matthews, “but we’re a whole lot more than that.”

If you’d like to know more about The Mean Weenie, visit their website at

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