Things To Do In Detroit

It’s truly an exciting time here in Detroit so we want to share some of the great things to do in the city. First, we will start with sharing resources that will help you find open businesses around town. We then want to share some of our favorite small businesses in the Central Business District and, finally, provide you with a few things you can do outside!

Bedrock’s Open Business Directory

Our friends at Bedrock have created something called the Open Business Directory that provides information on restaurants that are open in real time. It also provides information on small businesses in the Central Business District such as salons like 6 Salon and The TEN Nail Bar or clothing stores like DOSE Collective, Good Neighbor and Girl Boss Fashions just to name a few. The list is massive and has options for anyone that wants to spend some time shopping in the city.

Now, let’s talk food. Who doesn’t love to talk about food, right? The city is filled with boutique restaurants, some new and some old. If you’re looking for a fun, chic spot with Detroit written all over it, Central Kitchen+Bar is definitely the place to be. Whether you’re looking for a Detroit-style burger or vegetarian tacos, Central is one of my favorite go-to restaurants that’ll be sure to send you happy and on your way!

Central sits right across the street from Cadillac Square where you will find some of the best food trucks in the entire state! From cheesesteaks to stone pizza to mexi-casian, you will find a food truck that’ll leave you so satisfied you’ll want to return a few days in a row. We pass no judgment… you should definitely return for more!

If you’re looking to do something outside, downtown Detroit is also known for its outdoor spaces like Spirit Plaza, Campus Martius and Capitol Park which all have lovely seating areas and lots of fun activations happening year round. If you’re looking for a free yoga session, a dog park or want to watch a movie on a huge projection screen, the parks in downtown Detroit are definitely a place for you to be.

Alleys. We are huge fans of hanging out in alleys, specifically Shinola’s Parker’s Alley and the Belt. Both phenomenal public spaces sit around the corner from the Hudson’s development site. They are filled with restaurants, boutique shops and a spectacular art scene. You will have tons of opportunities for selfies so don’t forget to bring a selfie stick!

There are so many awesome things happening in Detroit and with resources like Bedrock’s Open Business Directory, you will be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. Whether it’s lunch in the parks or treating yourself to a retail therapy session in downtown, Detroit has all that you’re looking for and then some!

Heather is a Detroit native and works as the Marketing Lead for Opportunity Detroit. She’s a mother of 3, a sneaker aficionado and represents Detroit everywhere that she goes. Follow Heather at @Detroit.Heather 

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