Wahlburgers Opens For Business On Monroe Avenue – Opportunity Detroit

Wahlburgers Opens for Business on Monroe Avenue

Order up!

After a much-anticipated arrival, Wahlburgers has officially opened for business on Monroe Avenue.

Located in the historic Greektown district, this restaurant has been the talk of the town for quite some time. Since the construction began in early spring to the installation of the sign in summer, the Motor City has been buzzing for burgers.

The wait is over: Check out our coverage on Wahlburgers’ journey to the D along with the location, store hours, and menu that’ll make your next meal in the Motor City delectable.

Table for Two

Wahlburgers Opens for Business on Monroe Avenue - Opportunity Detroit

The decor of the restaurant is synonymous to most Wahlburger locations: Family photos hang on the wall, glass cases full of hats, glasses, shirts and stickers are sold in the front. Yet, you still feel a heavy presence of the industrial history of Detroit through the exposed ceiling, metal décor, and of course a polished brick and wood exterior that dons most Detroit eateries.

Structurally, this two story, 4,200-square-foot restaurant is composed of two bars, table and bar-style dining, and a patio that provides al fresco dining for the Greektown foot traffic.

If you keep up with the Wahlbergs (Paul, Mark and Donnie) then you know about the band of brothers who first opened the store in 2011 in Hingham. In their downtime, they star in an A&E reality TV show simply called “Wahlburgers.”

The restaurant is designed with family in mind: to indulge in some all-American comfort food and have a conversation.

Wahlburgers Opens for Business on Monroe Avenue - Opportunity Detroit

Since their first opening, Chef Paul’s been serving up more than an old family burger and fry recipe. The menu also includes chicken sandwiches, salads, fries, mac and cheese, malts, and hot dogs.

However, Mark Wahlberg has done more than advertise the delish burgers.

In a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon, he raves about Detroit:

“Detroit is not what people think,” says Mark. “Detroit is a great, great city. Hopefully people continue to bring more business and help the economy.”

It doesn’t stop there.

All throughout the promotion for Wahlburgers, Mark has been tweeting about his participation with Bedrock, a Detroit real estate company, and the city of Detroit.

“Love this city,” he tweets. “Excited to open [Wahlburgers] next month in Detroit.”

Image: Twitter.com/Mark_Wahlberg

Image: Twitter.com/Mark_Wahlberg

In another tweet, referencing the red carpet opening of the restaurant, Wahlberg says:

“Had a great time last night at the new “WalhDetroit” in Greektown. Thanks to everyone who came out to say hello!”

Image: Twitter.com/Mark_Wahlberg

Image: Twitter.com/Mark_Wahlberg

Check, Please!

You can check out Wahlburgers, located at 569 Monroe Ave, seven days a week from 11:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. Stay up to date on all the restaurant happenings on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

When it comes to hot new burger joints opening in Detroit, we have one thing to say: Would you like fries with that?

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