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If you’ve become a fan of the up-and-coming Detroit brand, Shinola, it is time you hear about their sister company: Willys Detroit. After opening up in June 2014, Willys Detroit has established itself as a multi-brand store that features clothing lines, home and apothecary varieties, incredible candles and more. Now, Willys Detroit is also home to Drought: a cold-pressed juice company.

IMG_2812Willys Detroit describes itself as a home for brands that are as distinct as the American cities they hail from. The store makes it their mission to carry unique, hand-crafted, high-quality American brands for a variety of styles. Filson, established in 1897, is an outdoor clothing line that’s perfect for all outdoor enthusiasts. Its products are made from fabrics such as heavyweight tin cloth and warm Mackinaw wool. Steven Alan, a New York-established clothing company, has created a unique brand of casual, smart, self-assured essentials for both men and women. Clare V is a manufacturer of stylish handbags, clutches, travel cases and electronic accessories. Mollusk is a brand that’s fully embraced by beach bums. It also serves as a surf shop that started in San Francisco and Venice Beach.

These four brands are accompanied by Detroit’s very own Detroit Rose Candles, which are hand-poured to order into Mason jars in Deirdre Skiles’s Eastern Market studio. Skiles made a special scent, cedar, which can only be found at Willys Detroit. Along with those amazing candles, Willys also features Kerosene fragrances by John Pegg. Pegg is a Detroiter who hand stamps and paints his fragrance bottles with automotive-grade paint and clear coats as an ode to the Motor City.

Willys Detroit - Opportunity Detroit BlogIf you’re beginning to feel parched while exploring all these classic American brands, Willys Detroit’s partnership with Drought will help solve that problem. Drought creates raw juice made from 100% organic fruits and vegetables. Their juice is completely unpasteurized and cold-pressed, meaning the enzymes and fresh nutrients remain intact during the juicing process. Drought is working hard to repair the integrity of juice, and they believe drinking unadulterated raw juice can provide natural goodness that the body needs for optimal wellness.

The atmosphere found at Willys Detroit is amazing. There are so many different candles; you could spend all day smelling each one in an attempt to choose your favorite. Each brand has a unique history, and they’re made at the hand of artists who are passionate about their work. All the products found in Willys Detroit have special meaning and represent the culture and history of different cities across America. Just walking around Willys Detroit and reading about the different brands they carry makes any trip to Detroit worth it.

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