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Winners Announced in Shell Eco-Marathon Americas 2016

You may have noticed some interesting vehicles racing around the riverfront last weekend. They were contestants in the Shell Eco-Marathon Americas 2016 competition!

Over 1,000 students from 124 schools in the US, Canada, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico and Puerto Rico competed in a three-day competition testing fuel-efficiency and engineering innovation.

Students created both futuristic prototypes that are designed to test engineering standards with their streamlined style and UrbanConcpet vehicles that are road-worthy and fuel-efficient to meet the needs of real-life drivers.

The ideas that come out of the Shell Eco-Marathon inspire and drive designers to keep creating and imagining what can be done.

Working Hand in Hand

While there is heavy competition, there is inspiring teamwork happening as well.

Krystal Santiago Olavarria, the driver for Inter-American University of Puerto Rico’s vehicle says the biggest surprise for her was the collaboration she saw between teams. “They are really nice to us and are willing to help others with whatever we need,” she said.

Even Shell Chairman, Chad Holliday recognized the importance of teamwork in the midst of the competition, saying, “This experience, if you haven’t figured it out yet, is going to change your life. You will think back 20-to-30 years from now and think about teamwork.”

Winner’s Circle

On Saturday and Sunday, teams drove their vehicles for six miles around the circuit at an average speed of 15 mph. Below are the fuel-economy winners in each class, based on vehicle class and energy source:

  • Prototype Gasoline: The Alérion Supermileage team, Université Laval of Quebec, 2,585 mpg.
  • Prototype Diesel: ShopGirls team, Granite Falls High School of Washington, 1,115.1 mpg.
  • Prototype Battery-Electric: Beyond team, Universite de Sherbrooke of Canada, 454.5 mi/kWh.
  • Prototype Hydrogen Fuel Cell: Queen’s Fuel Cell team, Queens University of Canada, 83.9mi/m3.
  • Prototype Alternative: Tatonkatoo team, University of Colorado at Boulder, 1,214.3 mpg.
  • UrbanConcept Gasoline: Mater Dei Supermileage team, Mater Dei High School of Indiana, 793 mpg.
  • UrbanConcept Diesel: Knights 3, Alden-Conger High School of Minnesota, 525.1 mpg.
  • UrbanConcept Battery-Electric: Experimental Vehicle Team Alpha, Saint Thomas Academy of Minnesota, 52.7 mi/kWh.
  • UrbanConcept Hydrogen Fuel Cell: EcoCar Team, University of Alberta, 41 mi/m3.
  • UrbanConcept Alternative Fuel: Let’s Do It Again 2, James B. Dudley High School of North Carolina, 107.7 mpg.

Teams also competed for other titles in safety, team spirit, and innovation, among other things. Those winners are listed below:

  • Safety Award: Team Paoli Purple, Gasoline Prototype, Paoli (Indiana) High School.
  • Communications Award: EcoVeiculo, Battery Electric Prototype, Universidade Federal de Itajuba (Brazil).
  • Perseverance Award: Team E-Team, Battery Electric Prototype, Universidad del Azuay (Ecuador).
  • Spirit of the Event Award: Team Troy (Michigan) High School and Team James B. Dudley (North Carolina) High School.
  • Vehicle Design Award: Team Beyond, Battery Electric Prototype, Universite de Sherbrook (Canada) and Saint Thomas (Minnesota) Academy Experimental Vehicle Team Alpha, Battery Electric Urban Concept.
  • Technical Innovation: Tatonkatoo, Ethanol Prototype, University of Colorado Boulder.

For more information on the event, winner and how you can get involved, visit ShellEcoMarathon.US.

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