Woodward Throwbacks

“Detroit is tough and we want our pieces to reflect where they came from.”


It all started with a man named Kyle who lived in northern Michigan and had a passion for art. Kyle loved doing DIY projects for fun. Little did he know that his hobby would grow into an idea, and eventually a small business.

Kyle graduated from Grand Canyon University in Arizona and is now full-time with the woodworking. His best friend and partner in crime, Bo, who graduated from the College for Creative Studies, shares a passion for creativity and has joined Kyle on his journey.

The two founded Woodward Throwbacks, a start-up company that transforms reclaimed wood scraps into one-of-a-kind pieces of art. A lot of designers cover up the character and flaws of a product. Woodward Throwbacks, however, captures the natural look and raw feel of the materials being used.
When asked, “What makes Woodward Throwbacks different from any other shops that work with reclaimed wood?” Kyle and Bo shared their unique approach: They hand-select all the material from illegal dumping around Detroit.


Woodward Throwbacks’ most popular items are the six-pack beer bottle holder and serving boards, which were featured in Urban Solstice’s blog. They also make letterpress wooden signs and home decor items. They take custom orders as well.

There is a bright future ahead for Woodward Throwbacks as they are currently looking for an opportunity to work in a bigger space due to increasing business demands.

Check out Woodward Throwbacks at Eastern Market on the weekends, online at Etsy or on their website for more information.

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